100 Year Anniversary Russian Air Force 11th and 12th August 2012


    Hi Guys, newbie here from the UK
    I was wondering if anyone on here has any more information about this celebration? We have seen a flight programme, but cannot find a website giving any further details. Is this a public event? Is it all happening at Zhukovsky airbase and if so will it be the same arrangements as MAKS, with extra trains from Moscow plus bus transfers. Tickets?
    Any help for us would be appreciated :pivo:


    spotteruk, Hi!
    1. The event is public. Entrance will be free of charge.
    2. Everything will be at Zhukovsky. Same as MAKS.
    3. Extra trains - no info for now. But surely there will be since there will be a lot of people considering paragraph 1 ;)
    4. What (more/furhter) details about the event you need?



    Thanks Replicant:pivo:
    There is not a lot of info about this event back in the UK.
    Free!! Looks like an early start then, it will be more busier than MAKS!!
    We will keep an eye on the train situation.
    Thanks again for your reply.


    hello :)
    Is there an official or semi official Website of 100-year anniversary of the Russian Air Force event?
    I'm looking for any info about media/press ect.
    Do You know if that photo platform on the other side of runway will be available?

    all the best! :)


    Сигма = Е * эпсилон
    hesja, i suppose official site for this event is this current discussion.
    There is no special site for it yet.

    If any news will come - they will be posted here.