АЗАЛа (раритеты, старье) - вопрос


    Killer Rabbit
    Не захотел никто отвечать в авиафоруме - может, здесь повезет?

    А никто не знает, куда подевались AHY-шные:
    - Canadair CL-44
    - Boeing 707 (сколько их было, кстати?)
    - Boeng 727 (этих точно было несколько)


    c/n19460 l/n 531 f/f 16.02.68 N4740 National AL 27.02.68 235
    Pan Am mgd 07.01.80 wfu 4.12.91 sOklahoma Ct 4.92,to GECC 18.9.92 to be brup??
    4K-AZ1 Azerbaijan AL lsd 10.02.93 C s end12.92,repainted to N4740 again on 2.1.93,to ALG 10.2.93 as 4K, 4K-4201 first/ntu/own Az 9.94, sis DME 29.05.04

    c/n 19461 l/n 538 f/f 27.02.68 N4741 National AL 06.03.68 235
    Pan Am mgd 07.01.80 wfu 4.12.91 sOklahoma Ct 4.92,to GECC 18.9.92 brup NTU, to ALG 16.2.93
    4K-AZ2 Azerbaijan AL lsd 16.02.93 dam (repo bey rep) 10.12.98 Baku, hit power pole on TO, returned safely but wfu/ bt 2.9.94 /A4K-4202 ntu?
    N461RD Dodson Int Parts 05.05.99 r2.7.99, sLe Bourget 4.8.99 basic Az col, no tit
    5N-BCY Freedom Air Svcs lsd 13.09.00 C Nigeria, own IAL 13.9.00, r31.1.01, due ret 5.02, LAI Leasing, reg canc 28.3.01 to Nigeria, dam 7.5.02 Kano International Airport 0(ar60), fire by overheated brakes, dam

    c/n 20525 l/n 870 f/f 03.09.71 N1779B Boeing 230
    D-ABFI Lufthansa 12.12.71
    N877UM ATASCO/Pan Am 20.12.86 wfu 4.12.91,canc reg,sMiami 22.12.91 old reg,to Mex for lease with Peninsulator, ntu,XA-RJV AC still in Mex 5.92 reg ATASCO N877UM,trying to retrieve AC
    TC-ALB Albatross Air s7.07.92 wfu ar 12.92/ sIST aka Air Alfa
    XA-SJK Aero Tonola 08.07.93
    N877UM ATASCO repo 01.94 SBG r3.94
    OB-1572 Americana s3110.94 sisfcLima,repo as OB-1572 but that's a 737 conf.??!
    N877UM ATASCO rt 02.05.95 sMIA 9.6.95/ again repo as ex OB-1572 see line above/ATASCO r9.95/s 26.1.96 Kingman xAmericana col,airworthy,canc 5.96
    OM-AHK Air Slovakia lsd 09.05.96 due ret 5.99/arr Bratisl Americana fc
    4K-AZ8 Azerbaijan AL 28.11.97 C depa Brat then, sFRA 15.12.97 xSlov col,Azer tit, sIst 10.8.98 dual reg, Air Slovakia tit, s11.8.98 white, s19.8.98 full Azer col, sis THR 10.03


    c/n19321 l/n 532 f/f 14.11.66 PP-VJS Varig 28.12.66 341C
    Transbrazil 20.09.82 Varig ret 16.11.84
    N107BV Buffalo AW 22.05.89
    Malev Cargo lsd s24.8.90
    Buffalo AW s23.4.91
    Fast Air Cargo s1.05.92 sopf 1.5/3.7 prtly repainted
    Buffalo AW ret JP94
    4K-AZ3 Azerbaijan AL 11.06.94 sMIA fc 25.5del via AMS 11.6 with taped over 4K-reg so still N /sSend 1.97, arr Send 28.1.98, 3 engines to 19415 2.98, probably wfu, s1.5.98 Southend, id 14.2.99
    N8190U ALG Inc, Kansas City 24.03.99 SCR bt ex Norske Finance Nederland BV, sSouthend 30.9.99 still 4K-painted, s30.1.00 3 engs missing, impounded s17.12.00 id, scrapping began 27.2.02 still wearing 4K-rg

    c/n 19415 l/n 601 f/f 01.07.67 G-AVKA Caledonian AW 13.07.67 399C
    N319F Flying Tiger lsd 13.07.67 ret 8.6.68 G-AVKA
    G-AVKA British Caledonian mgd 30.11.70
    CS-TBH TAP Air portugal 05.73
    N106BV Buffalo AW 30.11.83
    ATASCO/Burlington 10.85 ownTrst11.85
    Southern AT lsd 85?
    Burlington/Buffalo 01.92 wfu sSmyrna 28.10.94 white,no eng/Burl reg 2.93,Buff 4.93, sNewark 29.10.93 all white,canc 3.95
    4K-AZ4 Azerbaijan AL 15.07.95 frd Smyrna-Belfast-Stansted 15.7.95,Baku 21.7.95/s2.97 Ostend, AZAL Cargo s23.10.97 Lasham str fc, s2.98 1 eng, s12.2.98 fitted with engs from 19321, for ferry Send 2.98
    9G-ALG First International AW 08.09.98 sLasham 09.09.98, rrgd, basic Azer. col
    9G-OOD First International AW rr s1.10.98 frd to Southend 1.10.98, s29.10.98 now logo painted on tail, rr also repo 16.11.98, frd to Stansted 21.11.98 with Johnson Air 116F callsign, frd Southend-Ostend 19.4.99 basic Az col, FIA tail, opf Ethiopian is 21.4.99, due ret 7.99, s str Sharjah 11.10.00
    5Y-BOR First International AW rr s3.12.00 sSHJ 27.11.00 as 9G-OOD, sDXB 3.12.00 as 5Y-BDR (op. not conf), sATH 24.2.01 Azerb. basic col, FIA tail faded col, opf Trans Attico
    3C-NGK Air Cargo Plus s11.09.01 SHJ, still pkd s30.9.01, white, titles, no windows, taillogo with cross, photoproof, sDXB 3.10.01 (not cn 19999), s SHJ 19.1.02, s 5.8.02 white, Cargo Plus titles/logo
    3D-NGK Air Cargo Plus rr s04.12.02 sSHJ, titles/logo's removed
    9Q-CKS Kinshasa AW tfd s15.01.03 C being repainted SHJ 15.01.03, 3C-NGK Air Cargo Plus repo s25.09.03, other AC??, s as 9Q-CKS Kinshasa AW 12.10.03 SHJ, s28.12.03, s08.02.04 pkd, presum the AC repo as 9Q-CAS sSharjah 20.04.04 named "Spirit of Congo"

    c/n 19521 l/n 584 f/f 19.05.67 F-BLCG Air France 03.06.67 328C
    SU-DAB ZAS of Egypt 29.03.83
    ST-AKR Nile Safaris lsd 04.86
    SU-DAB ZAS of Egypt ret 24.07.86 to Equator Bank 19.1.89
    XT-BBF Naganagani lsd 27.03.89
    HB-IEI Homac/Tradewinds 14.11.89
    RAM chartered 03.90
    HB-IEI Homac ret 05.90? wfu 16.9.91 Manston, x str 5.91 South America/5Y-ANA Yana Air Cargo 9.92 due/ntu? for Avistar 7.92
    5B-DAZ Avistar-KJA 10.07.92 r6.7.92/. s opf Kuwait Cargo 8.92/Transom AL s23.11.92,29.4.93 again Avistar tit,Transom callsign/30.3 AMS 'opf Lupenga ACh'/s7.8.94 Dublin 'KJA' tit,logo =Avistar code
    4K-BEK Azerbaijan AL s2212.96 sManston/ntu,painted but not flown,rr-
    5B-DAZ Azerbaijan AL rr s10.1.97 sManston,s3.97 Ostend, s21.6.98 opb Avistar, flight for Slovair, frd Los Angeles 15.7.98, reported involved in illicit weapons transports 1997-1998 from Bratislava to Sudan etc
    9G-ROX Avistar ret by99 STD dbr 7.2.99 Bratislava 0(X) overran on aborted TO after engines 2 and 3 failed. Aircraft had many overdue faults, s16.9.00 bad condition derelict Bratislava, s3.8.02 white, forward section is missing

    c/n 19584 l/n 663 f/f 29.12.67 N8404 American AL 11.01.68 323C
    Nautilius Sportw 13.08.83
    Premiere AL lsd 04.84 ret 7.84
    Exec-Aire 01.85
    Merid/Burlington 11.85 to be N872BX
    Southern AT lsd 85?
    Burlington/Buffalo 01.92 rBurlin.2.93,Buffalo 5.4.93
    AZAL Cargo s1010.93 sAMS basic Burl col,AZAL sticker,sDayton OH 21.2.94 no tit
    Phoenix Air s8.05.94 sMIA xBurl col
    Merpati lsd 31.07.94 wfu Ost 22.12.94
    4K-401 Azerbaijan AL 05.04.95 W/O 30.11.95 Baku 2(6) cr on approach/frd Ost-Southend 13.4.95,Merp tit removed 25.4.95,lsd TIG 1.5.95 =Azer?? ,sOstend 12.10.95 still xMerp col


    Killer Rabbit
    Aleck, спасибо за исчерпывающий (в части Боингов) ответ
    Откуда дрови... простите, данные?
    И что значит:
    sis DME 29.05.04


    Данные - Scramble (Holland)
    AL - Airlines
    arr - arrived
    AW - Airways
    brup/bu - broken up (abbr. brup and SCR are both used. SCR can be used for search-sessions to hit scrapped aircraft only ONCE)
    bt - bought
    C - Current/now in service
    canc - cancelled
    Ch - Charter
    chk - checked
    cn - construction-number
    conv/cvtd - converted
    conf - confirmed
    dbr - damaged beyond repair (=W/O)
    del - delivered
    fc - full colours
    fs - for sale
    Gvmt - Government
    hq - hushkits (configured with - )
    Int - International
    is - (introduced) in service
    JAPL - Jet Airliner Production List
    JP - JP Airline-Fleets International
    L - Total landing (in combination with TT)
    LC - Leasing Corporation
    lsd - leased
    mgd - merged
    NAO - Non-airline operator
    nc - new colours
    nn - new name/renamed
    ntu - not taken up
    nyex - not yet existing (in case of aircraft yet to be completed and make it's first flight)
    oc - old colours (when the operator has other aircraft flying in new colours at the moment)
    oldnyex - aircraft with the lowest construction-number which is not yet considered complete ("existing")
    opb - operated by
    opf - operated for
    own - owned by
    rgd - registered
    reall - re-allocated
    ret/rt - returned
    reti - retired, wfu
    repo - repossessed
    rr - re-registered
    s - seen
    SCD - Side cargo door
    SCR - scrapped
    sis - seen in service
    slsd - sub-lsd
    STD - stored
    str - stored (abbr. STD and str are both used, STD can be used for search-sessions to hit all aircraft stored NOW)
    szd - seized
    tfd - transferred
    tit - titles
    TT - total time (flying hours)
    wfu - withdrawn from use
    wlsd - wet-leased
    W/O - Written off by accident
    * - new (sub)type after conversion of aircraft


    c/n 16 N447T, EI-BND, N447T 4K-GUP Azerbaijan AL lsd 05.97 44-0 at 25.10.93: tt 50697, 11698 l) based Send 9.97, sis 4.98 titles removed, due Baku Air Express titles, opb Heavylift Cargo AL add titles (Heavylift col as P4-GUP plans ntu)
    9G-LCA First International AL 20.07.98 s10.7.98 hangar Send rrgd, First tit, ro Send 20.7.98, sis 4.11.98 Manchester, Johnson Air callsign, sOST 15.4.99
    Aviation Leasing Group 08.99? frd 3.8.99 Southend--New Smyrna, TN, s str 11.10.99, US reg N440CL res 26.3.01 (owner then repo), but never carried (paper regi?) testflight Smyrna 23.5.02, frd to Teesside, arr26.9.02 (or 27.9.02), to be based Ostend 10.02 for Africa flights, still 9G-rgd
    Johnsons Air 12.02 STD frd MME-BOH Bournemouth 31.12.02 for further maintenance, AL also repo as A4 Guppy Air, AL ceased by 08.03, aircraft possibly for local museum, but worked on s01.04.04 due for return in svc, seen full col, "Oversize Cargo Guppy CL44" titles and 44 tail logo, still str s15.02.05


    Killer Rabbit
    Aleck, теперь не просто спасибо, но еще и полный респект!
    Вобщем, как я понял, шансов застать его (44-ку) в Баку практически не было... Жаль, хотел съездить, пофотографировать...