Breda aero planes

    Jan den Das

    Before the war the Italian Breda factory delivered to the USSR 2 aero planes of the type Breda Ba.64 (ground attack).
    Some time later they delivered some Breda Ba.65 (ground attack) version(s) unknown.
    Now I hope that you van help me with some (all) question I have concerning these aero planes?
    1. The history of both types;
    2. How many and which version(s) of the Ba.65 were delivered;
    3. How and in which colors were these aero planes painted;
    4. Pictures of these aero planes, quality is not important;
    5. Other interresting details/materials.


    Jan den Das

    Thanks, but my information is that they came from Italy.
    The aero planes from Chili were destroyed after there service and there is on turret left in the Museum in Chili. (that's the information I found).

    To make my information more correct the following:
    Ba.64 delivered to USSR 2
    Ba.65 delivered to USSR 10 (unknown whihc version(s)).


    Jan den Das

    You mention something about the delivery from Chili.
    But I found this very strange, because Chili received these aero planes end 1938 so a delivery to the USSR could be earley 1939 or later and at that time the had better aero planes of this type in production and projects.
    I think (cannot prove it) that these 10 Ba.65 were ordered and delivered before the Civil War in Spain.
    They were tested and found the positive and negative points of this aero plane and maked a list with request for the several OKB's to design an aero plane on the same line but with better qualities and , maybe, each OKB reseved and Ba.65.
    Its posible that this was the start of the project Ivanow.
    But I CANNOT prove this.
    What do you think about it?
    Ps. if you have any thing concerning other Breda aero planes/projects will you help me?