CAL converts 12 737 orders for -900ER's


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    Continental Converts 12 Existing Boeing 737 Orders to 12 New Boeing 737-900ER Aircraft
    Thursday August 3, 1:58 pm ET
    First U.S. Carrier to Order the Newest Member of the Boeing Next-Generation 737 Airplane Family

    HOUSTON, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL - News) today announced that it has converted 12 existing firm orders for Boeing 737 aircraft, scheduled for delivery in 2008, into 12 new Boeing 737-900ERs. The new 737-900ERs are also expected to deliver in 2008.
    Continental is the first U.S. carrier to order the extended-range twinjet that flies about 500 nautical miles farther than the existing 737-900.

    "These new aircraft will have among the lowest operating costs in our fleet, allowing us to serve high demand markets more efficiently," said Larry Kellner, chairman and chief executive officer. "The new aircraft are part of our continued focus on fleet modernization, fuel efficiency and delivering the best product in the business."

    Today's announcement for the new Boeing 737-900ER aircraft does not change Continental's firm commitments for new Boeing 737 aircraft. The carrier still has firm commitments for 65 Boeing 737s and has the ability to convert more of its existing Boeing 737 orders for the 737-900ER.

    737-900ER Provides Efficiencies and Opportunities
    Since announcing its fleet modernization program a decade ago, Continental has reduced the number of airplane types in its fleet from nine to three and reached its goal of operating one of the youngest and most efficient fleets among U.S. airlines. Its modern, fuel-efficient fleet provides a natural fuel hedge and gives the airline an advantage over its competitors. Since 1998, the company has improved fuel efficiency by nearly 25 percent per available seat mile as a result of several factors including fleet modernization, implementation of fuel-saving technology like winglets, and improved operating procedures.

    The Boeing 737-900ER shares the same performance attributes of other Next- Generation 737s currently in Continental's fleet, giving the carrier greater efficiencies in pilot training, crew flexibility, simplified maintenance and savings on spare part inventory costs. The company has arranged backstop financing for the 737-900ER aircraft.

    Continental will configure the 737-900ER with 20 first class seats, providing excellent capacity for complimentary OnePass frequent flyer upgrades. The coach cabin will carry approximately 153 passengers.


    737-3,5,7,8,9,900ER CA
    Are they going to free B757 for international flights?
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    To summarize in one word yes, but I was also told that CAL will certify the 737 guys to fly to Western Europe.

    They claim to have the most qualified 737 pilots in the World - both Americas, Caribbean, Pacific, Asia, Australia plus Europe now.
    They have 180 min ETOPS on the 73.

    The relieved 757's will go international for lesser yield markets.
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