Generator drive B737CL


    4 Generator Drive Oil Temperature (GEN DRIVE OIL TEMP) Indicator
    Displays the temperature of the oil used in the generator drive.
    IN scale (inner) - Displays the temperature of the oil entering the generator drive.
    RISE scale (outer) - Displays the temperature rise within the generator drive.
    •Higher than normal temperature rise indicates excessive generator load or
    poor condition of the generator drive
    Вопрос здесь:
    •Lack of adequate cooling will generally cause the temperature RISE to decrease.
    Как оно устроено, что при отсутствии достаточного охлаждения оно остывает???:confused1:


    May be this means that with insufficient cooling of incoming oil temperature difference between IN and OUT becomes smaller. This may appear if RISE shows not absolute value but percentage. :confused: