Gliders in the 20s


    we are now busy about the German student activities in the 20s. There were some academic groups (Akafliegs) which were active in the development and testing of gliders. We know that there were good connections to the Russian (Soviet) glider activists. German glider pilots were at the Crimea and Russian colleagues visited German glider contests. Recent publications about this issue are now available in the journal FliegerRevue extra. We are now looking for Russian colleagues which are interested in this issue and hope that they can contribute to our common history.
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    Korrell, have you seen a book "Russian gliders" by Krasiltschikow (first edition: Gliders of USSR. Александр Петрович Красильщиков. Планеры СССР)? Programs for all Soviet glider competitions of 1920s and descriptions of many Russian gliders are listed in this book.

    BTW: is really amazing site. Wish I to see it's author :)