Google driverless car


    Пивной тролль
    Совсем недавно спорили, заменит ли автоматика пилотов. Вот водителей, похоже, уже успешно заменяет и очень неплохими показателями.

    How safe a driver is your average robot? Safer than your average American, at least by one measure.

    To put that into perspective, the average U.S. driver has one accident roughly every 165,000 miles. Here’s how we got that figure: our average mileage per year is 16,550, according to the Federal Highway Administration; the average length of time we go between traffic accidents is 10 years, according to Allstate. (In particularly safe cities such as Fort Collins, Colo., that number can rise to 14 years — which is still no match for Google’s 300,000 miles.)

    В трех штатах такие машины уже официально разрешены:

    They're now street legal in three states--with Governor Jerry Brown's signature Tuesday, California joins Florida and Nevada--and Google claims they've proven to be safer, better drivers than the average human behind the wheel.