Help Needed!!! Paper Rule


Can somebody explain what is paper rule. This term is mentioned in ATPCO Category 31 "Vountary changes", but I can't find out what it is (as if it were used for the first time). If anybody knows what it is or how it can be translated, please tell me.
"Finally you will learn how to code basic voluntary change information that incoporates your fare rule, general rule and paper rule".
This is all context I can provide. It is not mentioned anywhere else.
"When a passenger requests a change or cancellation to an itinerary, provisions Penalties
(Category 16) are applied manually, which is a time consuming and labor-intensive process
that can result in miscalculations. In the future, the penalty provisions will exist in four new
categories to enable autopricing.
The first of these four categories to go into production was Voluntary Changes. Voluntary
Changes (Category 31) provides the capability to autoprice itinerary changes upon passenger
request. Voluntary Refunds (Category 33) was implemented by ATPCO in early 2004. The
additional categories not yet developed are Involuntary Changes (Category 32) and
Involuntary Refunds (Category 34).
ATPCO has realized that the automation of voluntary reissues provides several benefits to
our customers, including the most important one: increased revenue. This module explains
the other benefits of providing your reissue provisions Voluntary Changes.
Once you understand the benefits, you will learn the purpose of Voluntary Changes and its
relationship to other categories within the Automated Rules system. Additionally, you will
learn the values that identify different reissue transaction types and their special processing.
Finally, you will learn how to code basic voluntary change information that incorporates
your fare rule, general rule, and paper rule."

This is an extract from Introduction to Category 31. (complete text of Introduction, actually). Can you explain what it means or should I translate it literally?
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My understanding there schould be some particular printed rule(s) for certain case (not more broad "fare rule" and not most "general rule")