History of Murmansk airport


    I am trying to find information on the history of Murmansk airport, particularly in the 1950s and 1960s. I would be very interested to know, where the old terminal was standing. The airport's website has quite interesting material, but in Russian only unfortunately, hence I don't understand. Page 17 shows the old terminal.

    Pics are more them welcome as well.


    Airport in Murmashi had been built in 1957. This airport was using till 1976. From 1976 till 2000 in this building was museum of aviation. In 2000 the building has been sold.
    The first chief in Murmashi was Pivovarov Leonid Alekseevich (he was hired in 08.17.49) He was fired in 04.27.51.
    The second chief was Zakotej Ivan Grigorievich
    The 3rd chief was Grachev Vasiliy Ivanovich in 05.10.52.
    (i have translate to you the part of pdf file)


    Wow, that's great! thanks a lot. found the building on Google Earth.

    But I read the Tu-114 was doing an intermediate stop in Murmansk on its SVO-HAV route. Does that mean at Murmashi in that time? The runway of Murmashi airport seems much too short for that.:confused:


    Thanks Aleck! Thought so.

    Do you know which airbase it was? Must have been Severomorsk 1, 2 or 3.


    The first flight from Moscow to Havana with landing in Guinea (the airdrome of Conakry, it is constructed by the Soviet experts) is executed on July, 10th, 1962. In total 4 flights through Conakry are executed, and then the government of Guinea has forbidden under the pressure of the USA "landing of planes in weight more than 150 tons". Four more flights it has been executed with landing in Dakar (Senegal) as flights have forbidden under a pretext "presence onboard the weapon". Three more flights have executed through Algeria, as well as here under the pressure of the USA flights have forbidden. It was necessary to search for a new line, carrying out of the obligation to the government of Cuba about a regular air communication. The first technical flight with landing to refuelling in Murmansk is executed on December, 22nd, 1962. The first flight to Havana on northern route with passengers on a board, by plane Tu-114D №76480 is executed on January, 7th, 1963. Regular flights, with landing to refuelling in military airdrome of Olenegorsk of Murmansk area have from this point...

    Olenegorsk- base of aircraft of Navy fleet on Kola peninsula in 92 kilometres to the south from Murmansk, near to the city of Olenegorsk.

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    Thanks a lot for your help! This is really great. That was exactly the information I needed!:D


    the old Murmansk airport was not in Murmashi at all

    I think there has been a good deal of confusion here - until 1976 the Murmansk airport was not in Murmashi at all, it was based in Kilpjarv, it's an airforce base west of the city. I was too small to remember it though I had flown with mum and dad a couple of times in and out but my parents remember it very well

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    the same thing is clearly mentioned in the document that you got a link to

    if you have any questions about it just let me know, I might be able to assist. I was born and lived in Murmansk until I was 17 and still keep coming to visit my family who still live there, in fact, I'm going to be at the airport next June....so I know it well and like it a lot, it reminds me of my childhood...