Humour: New Ryanair logo


    Ryanair announce new logo to better reflect company values.

    Ryanair have today launched their new corporate logo that will be painted on the fins of all of their jet aircraft. The no-thrills airline hired a top Dublin based branding consultancy to come up with the design and are rumoured to have spent in the region of £5 (plus credit card fees) on it.
    Stephen McNamara, Ryanair PR rep, commented: "I had to bend over for about an hour and half with Michael on top so the bloody agency could get the angle right, but we think it looks great and really shows off our corporate values".



    Some more humour (I don't want to open a new thread for this).
    Sorry if known already.

    Number two behind a 737...

    STL approach: "United 143 best forward speed to the marker, you're number one."

    United 143 (male): "Roger, we’re balls to the wall."

    STL approach: "American 2451, you're number two behind the 737, follow him, cleared visual, best forward speed."

    American 2451 (female): "Well I can't do balls to the wall, but I can go wide open."

    -Radio silence-

    Unknown Pilot (male): "Is American hiring?"


    Micro, we have a great expression in Russian which matches this logo, sounds like: "мы вас на ..ую вертели"...which can be translated as "you've been rotated on my dick" :))))))) up in the sky with RyanAir