ищу работу



Посидев три недели дома, поняла, что домохозяйка из меня фиговая (мягко сказать) :D Хочу найти интересную работу, такую, чтобы хотелось работать и видеть результат своей работы. Меня интересуют следующие направления: бизнес-анализ, маркетинг, контроллинг, работа с филиальной сетью. Выдержки из резюме прилагаю. Рассмотрю самые различные предложения:
• Planning and leading of the branches;
• Monitoring and controlling of the branches;
• Working with clients;
• Elaboration of the project schemes for the equipment to lease in the branches;
• Market competitive leasing monitoring in the regions of Russia;
• Internal audit in the branches;
• Methodical and procedures elaboration of the document for the branches;
• Estimating of the leasing projects;
• Economical appraisal of the branches projects;
• Relations to the Head of the regions Executive Administration;
• Representation of the Head Office in regions for all the ranges of the problems to be solved;
• Accounting management of the branches;
• Economical appraisal of companies (balance sheet, profit and loss account statements, cash flow statements, shareholders funds statements, debts receivables, current payables, long terms receivables, profitableness of the projects);
• Custom procedures;
• Calculation of leasing payments.
• PC knowledge (MS office);
• Experienced team leader;
• Possibility to have business trips;
• Experience in training and recruitment.
Quick Languages
• Native Russian
• Fluent English
Work experience
December 2005 – till now: Center-Capital Ltd. (Leasing Company)
Chief economist – work in front office.

January 2004 - October 2005 Universal Leasing Holding (ULH)
Chief Manager of the Branches Development Department
Main responsibilities: Foundation of the ULH branches; searching for business partnership in regions, promotion of the leasing services in the Russian market, management of the ULH branches (19 branches in 10 regions of Russia, 52 persons)

May 2000 - December 2003: Olympic Committee of Russia (REF)
Manager of International Relation
Main responsibilities: elaboration the methods for a specified purposes, preparing and leading meetings with Heads of International Organizations, organization as a Head International Competitions in Moscow, working up business-plans, conducting negotiations (international), conclude an agreements, calculation of the projects

1995-2000 Foundation of Social-Economic and human development
Manager of investment projects
Main responsibilities: analyze of financial operations of the company, analyze of investment projects, organization of the First Session of International Congress of Investors (1998), organization of Symposium of Russian Banks (1995)

Education 2001-till now: post-graduate study in Moscow International Institute (University) of Foreign Relations, Department of Marketing and Management
1995-2000: Moscow International Institute (University) of Foreign Relations, Qualification: Specialist in external economic activities

Other courses
2004: Financial management
2004: Strategic planning of development
2004: Practical course of managing of the branches (SRC Consulting Group)

Other skills
Advanced user of Word, Excel, INEC, Photoshop, Internet
Driving license: 6 years experience
Hobbies and interests:
Aviation, traveling, horse riding, many-sided developing