Jetliner lands safely after pilot dies


    CNN) -- Continental Flight 61, whose pilot died midflight, has landed safely at Newark International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

    The agency said the plane landed at 11:49 a.m. ET.

    The plane was flying from Brussels, Belgium, to Newark, New Jersey, the Federal Aviation Administration and Continental Airlines said.

    Continental said the 61-year-old Newark-based pilot died "apparently of natural causes." The pilot had 21 years of service with Continental, the airline said.

    The airline said the crew on the flight included an additional relief pilot who took the place of the deceased man.

    The Boeing 777 was carrying 247 passengers, Continental said.

    Further details were not immediately available


    Yes I read this, what i actually ment, whether there was a back up crew or someone of the pilots (by chance) on board, who assisted a co-pilot to land the plane or if the guy did it all by himself...


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    The co-pilot took over the controls and eventuall a relief pilot that was on board is credited with landing the plane safely. The name of the deceased pilot has not been released.
    Dr. Julien Struyven, a cardiologist from Belgium, was rendering assistance and also used a defibrillator. According to Struyven, in an interview on FNC, the pilot could not be saved.
    Continental Airlines advises that the pilot died of natural causes and was 61 years old with 20 years of experience.
    A reserve pilot was also on board.


    Roger now. 'cause I originally, thought that the co-pilot had to cope with landing by himself, and only after that the jet was remanned on the ground to continue her flight. Thats why i was embarrassed of the number of the crew, since I always thought that it's next to impossible to land such a jet alone without anyone's assistance . Now it's all clear due to your extra details. Tank you n have a nice weekend.


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    Since the acft has been computerized enough such a big liner is quite easily to land,even for one trained person....
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