Kaluga/Med'ny - Former air base


    I'm compiling a database of all current / historic Soviet air bases, which is turning out to be a big job!
    Does anyone know if such data already exists in a book or elsewhere online?

    While doing this I have found a base at Kaluga / Med'ny - the satellite data seems to show several stored aircraft recently - MIG-23, MIG-25, etc? Does anyone know anything about this base and whether the stored aircraft are still present?

    Long / lat is 54.9467 35.8650

    Thanks in advance.



    The current aircraft collection was relocated a few years ago in Medyn' from Khodynskoe field (Moscow) by Zadorojny museum for further exposition.
    You can find pics yourself in Google by words "Медынь Задорожный", or look at the following websites:


    MayDay Thank you very much for your help, very interesting. Do you happen to know of any Russian resources online (or books) that have history of all air bases in Russia or anything like that?