Kocherigin DI-6

    Jan den Das

    The Kocherigin DI-6 was a two-seat biplane fighter with retractable landing gear.

    Experimental were the aeroplane "21" this was a version with fixed landing gear.
    I only found pictures with skies.
    Who can tell me more about this version?
    Has it also flowen with wheel landing gear and are there any pictures?
    Is there a three side view drawing of the "21"?

    There should have be also a trainer version without the gunturret, I found that this was the DI-6bis (?).
    Further I have found nothing of this version so everything is welcome, pictures/drawings/etc.


    Jan den Das

    Yes it shows landinggears without skies, but this are not the fixed landinggears.
    The site does not show anything concerning my questions