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    Dassault Aviation это французска авиастроительная компания, доказавшая экспертизу в производстве военных самолетов и бизнес-джетов.
    Более 10 000 самолетов поставлено в 90 стран мира.

    2,100 Falcon jets
    1,000 боевых самолетов
    12,757 сотрудников, из которых 76% во Франции


    Dassault Aviation обещает Falcon 6x в декабре 2020.
    Dassault confirms December roll-out for Falcon 6X
    By Dominic Perry15 October 2020

    Dassault is to roll-out its new Falcon 6X on 8 December, marking a key milestone for the ultra-wide-cabin business jet.
    Ground tests of the first pre-production aircraft are ongoing at the airframer’s Bordeaux-Merignac final assembly site, in line with a first flight scheduled for early 2021.
    6XNose-c-Dassault Aviation

    Source: Dassault Aviation
    First flight is scheduled for early 2021
    “The roll-out of the Falcon 6X is coming soon…very soon,” says Dassault. “The event will take place on 8 December, thanks to the hard work of the development team, which has steadily moved forward over the summer.”
    A second flight-test aircraft is also complete, with the third example recently having its wing and fuselage mated.
    The latter aircraft will also be fitted with a full cabin interior to evaluate systems functionality, acoustics, airflow, comfort and other factors. “Interior furnishings, environmental systems, electronics and other equipment are currently being tested in a ground-test rig prior to installation on the aircraft,” says the airframer.
    6X rear-c-Dassault Aviation

    Source: Dassault Aviation
    Twinjet is powered by PW812D engines
    Trials of the twinjet’s Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D engines are also continuing. An initial flight-test campaign was completed earlier this year aboard a Boeing 747 flying testbed, with a second series of flights trials now ongoing.
    So far, the engine has logged 200 flight hours and more than 1,600h of ground tests.
    Launched in February 2018, the 5,500nm (10,200km)-range Falcon 6X is due to enter service in 2022. It replaces the Falcon 5X which was cancelled in December 2017 due to persistent delays to its Safran Silvercrest engines.
    A cutaway drawing and technical description of the Falcon 6X will be published shortly by FlightGlobal.
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    Сегодня в Бордо (Франция) состоялся первый полёт новейшего широкофюзеляжного Falcon 6X компании Dassault Aviation.

    Ширина салона 2.58м. У 900-ки, который не широкофюзеляжный, ширина салона 2.34м. :D Т.о. разница в 0.24м превращает ЛА в широкофюзеляжный?


    Не читайте советских газет... в смысле, лучше не доверять переводам.

    В англоязычных новостях (франкоязычные ещё не смотрел) " ultra wide-body cabin", " new standard for widebody comfort ", " tallest and widest cabin in business aviation ".

    То есть, говорится, что кабина широкая. Но широкофюзеляжным самолёт никто не называет.

    PS. Во французских то же самое, аккуратно: " Ce modèle à large cabine " и т.д.


    ЕМНИП, самый узкий из широкофюзеляжных - 767. У него диаметр фюзеляжа 5,03 м (ширина салона - более 4,7 м)