Otto Kauba

    Jan den Das

    A view years during the war the Austrian Ing. Otto Kauba had his design bureau in Pragua, this was the Skoda-Kauba.
    There he worked on flying bombs, for which there were only build prototypes flown by pilots.
    From some other projects there were only prototypes or it was still on the drawing board. From one type, the SK-257 there was only a small pre-serie who were all scrapped.
    In the museum in CZ there is only a wing and there should be some fuselage parts, of the SK-257 type.
    It is mentioned, but until now no prove, that the Skoda-Kauba SK V-8 had survived the war, but further no information.
    This type was an side-by-side trainer.
    \Who has information/drawings/dimensions/etc. concerning all the aeroplanes and also the projects.
    Who knows more abot the SK V-8, was it brought to Russia or was it kept and used in CZ, are there pictures taken after the war?
    After the war the Oesterreichischer Flugzeugwerke build the OK-15, this was a side-by-side trainer/sport aeroplane also designed by Otto Kauba.
    Information of this aeroplane is also welcome.
    Thanks for all