PhD Research Survey: Aviation English


    Dear all,

    I am looking for pilots and air traffic controllers to complete a survey on aeronautical communication. The data will inform my PhD research into the safety of aeronautical communication and allow me to make suggestions to ICAO on the current English language proficiency requirements. Your insight is incredibly valuable.

    Please take 12 minutes to complete the following survey on English language proficiency in the aviation industry:

    If you know other aviation professionals that might be interested to contribute to this research I would urge you to share the link with them also.

    Questions will be on the following subjects:

    · Language proficiency of pilots and air traffic controllers during routine and non-routine situations

    · The nature of low language proficiency when it is encountered on the radio

    · The impact of low language proficiency on the safety and efficiency of air travel

    · The reliability of Aviation English language testing

    · The effect of native English speakers on aeronautical communication

    All responses are anonymous and by completing this survey you will be contributing directly to our understanding of communication in the aviation industry. This research will help us to make recommendations to ICAO and to other key organisations in the industry.

    Thank you in advance, your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,

    Gareth Williams