Pilot TV (Russia)


    Special online TV channel for aviation fans has been recently launched in
    Russia - PilotTV.
    Now it's available in English too - link
    The Pilot TV's crew will much appreciate any comments and opinions. Thanks!


    ORD watcher
    TheAviatorsTV http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAviatorsTV
    About The Aviators TV

    With 10 million US viewers weekly on PBS and millions more in over 100 countries plus online, The Aviators is an award-winning, worldwide aviation phenomenon.
    The Aviators airs weekly across the US on PBS, several times a week in Canada on Travel+Escape, and overseas on Discovery.
    The show is also available online on iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon, in addition to the show's official website at TheAviators.TV
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