Pilots' fatigue in the news



1. CRJ is so comfortable, that even pilots fall asleep during flight!
2. One of the main task for air traffic controllers is to wake up pilots!
Talking serious - its a problem for most of regional pilots.
Talked to some in Europe.
Doing a several landings a day make pilots really exhausted.
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Yeah, a big problem..
I remember those 8 leg days with 15-16 hours of duty time - perfectly legal. The thing is - you never get a break.. It's like that day, after day, after day.. 9 or 8 hours of rest = 4-6 hours of sleep.

Unfortunately, for the most part we are (US or Russia and many other countries) a re-active society. If there is a problem in any industry not much is going to get done until something very bad happens.. And then we over react. Time goes by and we let it go again..