Plane Hunts Lands for If Only - Самолет охоты земли в том случае, если только


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    During the flight, the pilot loses the control and must be ejected. Then the plane is levelled to land for if only.

    During the year 1970, a plane hunts F – 106 it realized a flight on the skies of Montana.


    In some point of the flight, the plane loses the control of flight.
    In the manual of flight of hunt there is detailed that it is necessary to leave the plane.
    A few seconds afterwards the pilot is ejected and leaves the plane in full flight.
    While the constant ship consuming the fuel of his tanks.
    Losing gradually it forces and speed.
    While the of the fighter begins to lose power, the flight of the plane becomes stable
    After crossing a long way across the sky, losing height and speed.

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