Полет по Европе/Flight around Europe

Rob Ma

Добрый ден/Hi there,

Я планираваю палиот па кантиненталный часты Европы на етам летам. Палиот будыт окола 50 часаф, бсио потишествие будыт гдета 2-3 неделы. планараваю што палиот будыт между етых датах Юли 13 - Апрель 3. Палиот будыт в Цессна 172 (1матор, 4 седениа). Я ищу другова пилота и аднаво - двух пасажыров. Кто заинтересавалсиа, болше инфармацый па тилифону или емеилу: +37060749760, [email protected]

Инфармацыя а мне:
из Вилниуса
Гавариу: Рускый, Англиский, чиут чиут Испанский.
Лиценцийы: Канадский ЦПЛ ы ЕАСА ППЛ.

I am planning a flight around continental part of Europe this summer. Flight is going to be around 50 flight hours, total trip time is going to be around 2-3 weeks. Now I am planning, that flight is going to be between July 13 and April 3. We are going to fly wit 4 seated SE aircraft, probably it is going to be Cessna 172. I am looking for another pilot for this flight, also there is two empty seats in the back for the passengers.
Everyone who is interested please contact me +37060749760 or [email protected]

A bit about me:
From Vilnius.
I am Lithuanian.
I speak - Russian, English, a little Spanish.
Licenses - Canadian CPL, EASA PPL.

Второй-то зачем? Там и одному не особо напрягаться. Cost sharing?