Polikarpov PO 2 help


    Hello,new sign on to the forum,
    Can some one help.
    Looking for any information on the Polikarpov PO2 (U 2 , CSS- 13) biplane.
    Several ways to help.
    1).looking for a rebuildable PO2
    2) M11 radial engine or engines
    3) Drawing to build a full size PO2 , would need an M11 engine
    4) photos of the plane in any configuration
    5 Correspond with a PO2 pilot, past, or presently flying.
    My Wife can translate if language becomes a problem.

    Thanks for your help
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    hampton, I have a contact with the owners of flying Po-2(one in Russia(replica 1:1), one in France(replica or not - I don't know yet)).
    Write me a private message(Отправить личное сообщение для...) in user menu(small white triangle)