Professional pilot (51) looks for the job.

    Anatoly Ryabov

    Professional pilot (51) looks for the job.
    JAR-FCL, CPL(A)/IR 2 Klasse,
    ATPL (RUSS),
    JAR Medical Certificate Class 1.
    BZF1 German Radio License.
    AZF English Radio License.
    English, (level 4).
    German, without dialect.
    Russian, without dialect.
    TT 13000 Hr.
    PIC 7500 Hr.
    a/c type experience: An-2, An-24/26, DHC-6 (Twin otter), Cessna Citation 500 till 560..
    Citizenship: German, Bulgarian, Russian.
    Resume on request.
    Pls advise your interest.
    [email protected]
    +49 179 556 0946


    737-3,5,7,8,9,900ER CA
    What does it mean ''without a dialect''? Everybody has a dialect, it comes from an area where people live or grew up.

    Did you mean accent?
    Either way it look unprofessional, put "exellent German" or something like that.