Прошу совета...Продажа фото с a.net


    Имею несколько фоток на a.net
    и вот такое сегодня пришло письмо:
    I am the editor of Airports of the World magazine and I need some photos of (my city) airport to illustrate an article in my next issue.
    Do you have photos of the terminal, terminal interior, ATC tower and various aircraft and helicopters at the airport??
    If you have hi-res either send them via email or if you prefer a CD. I can supply an address if you need to send a CD. I can also quote you payment rates as well. This is quite urgent - I need the photos next week if possible.

    Кто уже сталкивался с такими вещами? Что скажете? Сколько вообще денег берут за такие вещи? Лично меня смущает спешка, отправишь фотки мылом и все, исчезнет товарищ ;) Как сделать все по уму?

    По совету им написал
    I appreciate your interest in my photographs, and I should be able to supply you with high-res copies of them. I have attached preview copies of the photos that are available in 2048x1600 original resolution. Please select the photos that you would like to receive, and inform me of your payment rates. I can accept payments via Western Union wire service.
    вот что ответили
    Dear Homogene
    Thanks for the quick response and the sample photos - they are great. Once I receive the other selection you mention I shall compile a list of the hi-res ones I require.
    I have attached our contributor's guidelines pdf file for your information. The feature will be a four-page one and so I shall probably use about a dozen or so, some of which will be large. Therefore payment will be difficult to determine until the spreads are designed, however, the figures in the guidelines are just the basic rates. Can you confirm your address etc - and do you require payment in dollars?
    I am out of the office Friday but I'll get back to you on Monday OK.
    Kind regards

    а вот текст как я понимаю соглашения
    специалисты в английском, помогайте :)

    Specials Editor - Bayer
    The Editors are always happy to receive contributions. Please note that all material sent to an Editor is forwarded at the contributor's own risk. While every care is
    taken with material, neither the Editors nor the Publisher can be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred. All material submitted (especially photographs
    and slides) must have the contributor's name and address clearly marked upon it, and a stamped addressed envelope (or the equivalent in International Reply
    Coupons) envelope should be enclosed.
    In the case of both unsolicited and commissioned work, the contribution can only be deemed as being accepted on receipt of a letter of confirmation from the Editor
    - this will be a communication other than an acknowledgement of receipt.
    Please note that Key Publishing Ltd cannot accept any liability for damage/loss of equipment/belongings, personal injury/loss of life incurred, or Third Party claims,
    whilst undertaking either unsolicited or commissioned work for any of its titles.
    Applications for press facilities at airshows or similar events can only be made after consultation with an Editor and in that case invariably arrangements will be
    made by Key Publishing on behalf of a writer/contributor.
    The Editors reserve the right to cut copy (reduce the length of an article) if they deem it necessary.
    Contributors must adhere to the magazine 'style sheet' - failure to do so may result in extra Editorial work and those costs incurred may be deducted from payment.
    Key Publishing aviation titles are published in the UK but distributed worldwide - an article will therefore appear in all those countries in which the magazine is sold.
    The rights purchased by Key Publishing on articles and photographs are first British (European) magazine and book rights.
    Payment for articles is made at the rate of £50 per 1,000 words used in the magazine unless alternative rates have been negotiated with Editors. This is based upon
    word-count published, not word-count submitted. No payments are made for captions.
    Please note that an Editor may think that an article, or part thereof, may be more suited to another magazine in the Key Publishing group. If you have any
    objections to this, they must be stated when submitting material.
    Overseas contributors should note that due to the high cost of providing foreign currency drafts and Euro cheques, individual payments amounting to less than £40
    are not possible. In most cases, these will be held until such time as the contributor has accumulated a total in excess this figure. Should a contributor prefer, an
    existing balance can be used towards purchasing products or services from Key Publishing - ie copies of magazines, or mail order items. This can only be done by
    arrangement with the Editor in question.
    Reprints: If an article is reprinted as a standalone document on behalf of a third party - eg an aircraft manufacturer - no additional payment will be made unless a
    prior arrangement has been agreed, in writing, between the author and Key Publishing Ltd. Likewise, any pages from our magazines reproduced in Key Publishing's
    corporate literature, or on our web-sites, will not attract additional payment.
    Use of Material on the Internet: Key Publishing aviation titles are now featured on our company web-site and each month the contents of each magazine is
    summarised. As part of this we may use one photograph from each of the major articles. No additional payment is due for this one-off use of a single photograph
    from a contributor's article. However, in the event of an extract of an article exceeding 200 words and one photograph, an additional pro-rata payment at normal
    print rates will be due.
    Licensing / TranslationLicensing Translations: Key Publishing reserves the right to license articles that appear in its magazines to other journals, including translation into other
    languages. This could be an extracted version, or the article in whole, but based upon the edited feature as appeared in the original Key Publishing magazine. Rates
    of payment for this vary and prior notice will be given. Should any contributors not wish to make their articles/features/illustrations available for licensing in this
    way, they must state so when submitting their material for consideration.
    Payment for black and white photographs is made at the rate of £10 each for those printed in the magazine irrespective of size used.
    Payment for colour photographs is at the following rates: Front cover - sole photograph £120; photograph used in boxed panel £75. Inside pages - sole photograph,
    whole page bleed, £75. Other photographs are paid at £20 each, up to a maximum of £80 per page (regardless of the number of images used on that page).
    The above is a general guide and contributors should note that individual magazines may have variations or additions to this structure; for example AFM pays £10
    for any photos used in the Attrition section. Illustrations published in the 'letters' pages of our magazines are not generally paid for. Likewise, illustrations re-used
    on the contents page do not warrant an additional fee.
    Should an Editor decide to use either colour transparencies or colour prints for reproduction in black and white, payment will be made at the black and white rate.
    In the case of rare photographs and/or where the negative is not available to the sender, we will waive our usual requirement for halfplate or postcard photographs.
    If it is necessary to print or reprint photographs from negatives or transparencies, the cost of this work may be deducted from the contributor's payment.
    Where a photograph is submitted that has originated from another source (eg museum archive, private archive) it is the contributor's responsibility to gain permission
    to publish, and any fees payable from such publication will be settled by the contributor from his/her payment, unless otherwise arranged with the Editor.
    The Editor reserves the right to substitute illustrations from other sources to be used with submitted articles.
    Computer file formats: Key Publishing uses Apple Mac computers and Microsoft Word software. PC users must save their articles in a Word-compatible format, as
    plain text or in Rich Text Format. If other applications are used, contributors are asked to state clearly what files have been sent and what software has been used.
    Work can be submitted on a 3.5 inch floppy disk, 100Mb zip disk, CD-ROM or as an email attachment. If you send your file as an email attachment please state
    the generating software and file type clearly in your message. Editors may also insist that a print-out of the text is supplied to accompany an emailed submission,
    because text formatting and accents can be lost when converting to a Word document.
    Please do not mix text and illustrations in the same file - keep them separate. We also require that specification tables, etc, are simply tabulated into columns and
    not formulated into panels or boxes.
    Disks must be accompanied by a double-spaced, best-quality print-out, using one side of the paper only. Elements of text can sometimes corrupt when their original
    formats are converted to Microsoft Word - we may need to cross-reference the original document or, if the disk proves unreadable, scan in the entire text.
    We appreciate that not all contributors have access to a PC, in those cases clearly printed manuscripts (using a typewriter or word processor) are required and must be
    supplied on white A4 paper. Please use only one side of the paper. Each page should be numbered and lines should be double-spaced with at least a one inch (2.5cm)
    border all around the text. Manuscripts that do not adhere to this format may have to be retyped and Editors can deduct the costs incurred from the contributor's fee.
    A separate sheet with captions for photographs, etc, must also be included. Photo captions should give a clear credit for the origin of the shot. Illustrations should
    be numbered or otherwise identified, so that they can be matched to the captions.
    We do not accept photocopied manuscripts, only originals.
    Hand-written manuscripts will not normally be accepted as these have to be typed up by Editorial staff and a charge for this service is likely to be deducted from the
    contributor's payment.
    Manuscripts, once used, will not normally be returned to contributors.
    Colour transparencies either 35mm or 2.5in square, are normally required, or colour prints can be utilised depending on quality.
    Electronic images: Contributors are urged to contact us before sending, particularly if sending large files via the Internet. As a rough guide, we are looking for
    jpegs or tiffs of at least 300 dpi to a width of 21cms (or 1600 pixels), as this will enable images to be used across the full width of the page if necessary. Please note
    that all electronic images should be clearly linked to their caption sheets with consistent numbering, etc. A 'thumbnail' print-out of images can help considerably
    and some Editors may insist on this. With major features that are not time-critical, the preferred method of submitting a large number of images is via a CD.
    Please note that we do not accept glass mounts because they could damage transparencies if they break.
    Editors are always happy to discuss any of the above with contributors should they care to contact the office.
    Style requirements for contributors
    It is important that contributors make themselves aware of the particular Editorial style of the magazine they are submitting an article to. The following are the
    main elements of Key Publishing's house style and we ask contributors to adopt the following:
    Dates: Our required style is March 24, 2003 (never the 24th of March or March 24th).
    Conversions: Authors are asked to calculate their own Imperial/Metric conversions and they should state Imperial figures first, followed by the Metric conversion in
    Numbers: In narrative, numbers are written out - one to eleven - then quoted in digits from 12 onwards. However, digits must be used when referring to
    measurements or specifications, eg the airfield was 6 miles (10km) away: the flight lasted 3hrs 22mins.
    Abbreviations: These should always be preceded by a definition and written thus - Beyond Visual Range (BVR). After the first mention, BVR is sufficient. Please
    note: we do not use a full stop in abbreviations (ie RAF not R.A.F / Lt not Lt.) In a similar vein, the first mention of an aircraft type should include its manufacturer,
    eg Lockheed Martin F-16; subsequent references can be F-16 or Fighting Falcon.
    Double quote marks: These should only be used to illustrate direct speech.
    Please do not use italics or underlining.
    And finally, any tables/lists should be supplied in a tabulated format, with a single tab between each column, and not enclosed in borders or frames.
    Last updated: April 29, 2005


    Только что получил такое письмо:

    "For our monthly employee magazine of Lufthansa Systems we would like to illustrate our article about Eurofly with your picture of one of the airline's planes.

    Therefore, we would like to get your allowance for using your picture once in the December issue of the magazine.

    It would be great if you could give me some feedback concerning our inquiry.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,

    Beatrice Gaczensky

    Corporate Communications
    Lufthansa Systems Group GmbH"

    Вот и думаю, что им ответить - попробовать срубить деньжат или разрешить бесплатно? Я вообще-то не жадный, но с другой стороны вроде фирма солидная и денежная. 8-)

    Кто что посоветует?


    Homogene, seems like a sound contract. Только подпиши его до того как отправишь фотки. Ещё многое зависит от того где ты находишься? Если ты у нас в РФ, то факсовая копия контракта не канает по нашему законодательсту. Если там, то ок.

    Phantom, бери деньги однозначно - больше уважать будут. :pivo:


    Летающий фотограф
    Хех... Контракты, понимаешь... Мне вот китайцы письмо прислали :D - бартер предлагают. Говорят - нет счёта в долларах, сложно оплатить. 3 снимка надо. Т.е. 30 по 3 мои, но заплатить не могут. Так что отошлют журналами. :D :D :D Я думаю - может предложить в юанях оплатить, а банк переведёт? :D


    А у меня была история с "ABC".Нашли они меня через форум,им фотка с двумя ночными В-747 понравилась.Не буду имен называть,соеденили они меня с арт-дизайнером,который долго рапрашивал о фотографии.Предложили 50$(мне в данной ситуации был интересен сам процесс передачи фото),согласился.Девушка сказала,что согласует все с руководством и перезвонит! ВСЁ! :D Тишина!


    Летающий фотограф
    Илья, я от них такое же нахальное ;) письмо получал - посмотри в ЛС минут через 15-20.

    Анджей Лотниски

    нет, они просят вас прислать им фотку эту с целью некоммерческого использования :)


    Летающий фотограф
    geg, тривиальная, увы, история. Тут надо закладываться на риски по недобросовестным контрагентам - они неизбежны, к сожалению. Особенно в России.


    Раз уж подняли тему... Тоже приходило письмецо от какого французского издательства.

    We are french publisher (www.marines-editions.com), and for a book about navies aircraft, I am interested by some of your photos on Airliners.net. Please let me know if you have some on the following list :
    AgustaBell AB 212
    Bell UH-1 Twin Huey
    Casa C-212
    MBB BO-105
    Eurocopter Fennec
    HAL Dhruv
    Eurocopter Cougar
    Kamov Ka27/Ka29/Ka31
    Mig 29K
    Sikorski s-92
    Sukhoi Su-33/Su-27 KUB
    high rez files (300dpi) can be sent using our ftp site
    utilisateur (login) : xxx
    mot de passe (password) : xxx
    As payment, I propose you free books for a value of 100 euros (to be chosen in our site www.marines-editions.com), or 50 euros for each photo published.
    Gilles Garidel, managing editor
    [email protected]

    Message was sent using the mail interface on Airliners.net

    Написал, что да как, а в ответ - тоже тишина ;)


    У меня была история с ВИМ авиа. Я отснял для них учебный процесс стюардесс. Денег не заплатили, но... договорились о дальнейшем сотрудничестве. Наобещали мне, что посадят меня в самолет и отправят меня куда-то во Францию, на какой-то горнолыжный курорт, чтобы я снял их самолет и пассажиров в этом французком порту. Что, во время полета, устроят мне фотосессию на борту и в кабине пилотов... В общем.... я до сих пор жду этого сказочного перелёта...:D А фотографии мои, гады, опубликовали в своём журнале, только не указали мою фамилию, ну и денег, конечно, тоже не заплатили...:rolleyes:
    Последнее редактирование:

    Мелихов Александр

    У меня тоже пара смешных ситуаций была.
    Один раз немцы взяли пару фоток в статью про Ан-26,
    упорно перечисляли мне 30 евриков, и они каждый раз
    почему то вертались назад к ним ;)
    в итоге прислали журнал в НН,
    он уже год как лежит по адресу родителей, не видел его.
    Второй раз Авиация и Время попросили и прислали журнал,
    а через месяц в спешке к МАКСу сляпали буклет, не дождавшись оригинала,
    фоту с Анета в 1200 пикселей растянули на разворот (о боже),
    и весь лист в клеточку стал... Этот номер я в магазине видел...
    Остальные публикации совсем халявные, либо на дружественной основе.;)


    Из бывших
    Илья сказал(а):
    Пришло письмо по http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1288769/M/ from press service of ANTONOV ASTC:
    ...ANTONOV does not protest against using this photo with commercial purpose by you. We hope for your kindnesses in return and kindly ask you to send us this photo in high resolution (no less than 300 dpi) and give us your permission to use it in our corporative issues (non-commercial use).
    Очень необычно. Это они делают одолжение, не возражая против использования мной моей фотки?

    Если этот самолёт их собственность то они совершенно правы. Любое серьёзное агентство или издательство для коммерческих целей захочет поиметь так называемый "Property Release", причём на бумаге и с подписью. Тоже касается и картинок с присутствием узнаваемых (в некоторых случаях даже неузнаваемых) людей - нужен "Model Release". Тут есть немного по теме (англ) http://www.asmp.org/commerce/legal/releases/ Там разговор про штаты, но, сдаётся мне, в Европе та-же пестня.
    Для личного использования или продажи\публикации самим фотографом без этого можно обойтись, самому потом, если чё, судиться придётся с владельцом или моделью.


    Летающий фотограф
    Внимательно читаем:
    "unless you are certain that you will never want to use them for anything other than editorial purposes."

    Т.е. я в праве по американским законам продавать это фото в любые издания по своему усмотрению. Я думаю, что если бы model release относилось бы к репортажной съёмке - на земле не было бы газет и журналов с фотографиями.

    Замечу, что ни в России, ни на Украине подобных ограничений нет.


    Killer Rabbit
    Fyodor сказал(а):
    Я думаю, что если бы model release относилось бы к репортажной съёмке - на земле не было бы газет и журналов с фотографиями.
    если помните, в судах США и Великобритании в каких-то случаях запрещена фотосъемка - так они приспособились посылать туда художников! :D
    были бы журналы с красивыми рисунками - комиксы заняли бы место репортажной съемки и мы прекрасно жили бы.

    а по теме - если даже предположить, что требуется пресловутый Model Release - так к кому его применять-то в данном случае? Самолет, что ли обидится на вмешательство в частную жизнь? Думаю, это просто немеряная жадность в сочетании с глупостью кого-то из PR-службы Антонова привела к такому опусу.


    Летающий фотограф
    Серёга - да ничего там не требуется. Как в анекдоте по Наполеона и порох - достаточно того, что этот самолёт - собственность ВВС РФ (в моём случае это были вообще ливийцы). Я даже не уверен, что его собирали на Украине. Это как если Hugo Boss послал бы во все медиа релиз, предоставить им на халяву все фотографии людей в их костюмах :D.

    Тут ведь как - чем наши "крутые" отличаются от западных "крутых"? Западные "крутые" понимают что если они "крутые", то должны платить много. Наши "крутые" считают, что раз уж "крутые" - им все всё должны бесплатно. :D :D :D

    Я думаю, это от многолетней равноправной бедности исходит. ;)