RA-85621 accident 29. Aug 1996


    As some of you know I am working on a project that will result in a book about the accident where RA-85621 (VKO 2801) crashed in Operafjellet 29th August 1996. I have gathered a lot of material and interviewed many people involved in the work after the accident.

    I have one concern. My sources is mainly Norwegian.

    I did in fact get some help in another thread on this forum, thanks!

    The only Russian/Ukranian material are some documents in the archives from a lawyer that represented many of the relatives (to those killed in the accident) in the Lawsuit against Vnukovo Airlines and the Russian insurance company Afes.
    I have tried to contact the Russian coal company Trust Arktikugol, who chartered the flight, without response. I have sent email to the Russian embassy in Norway – no response.

    I do not speak Russian, that is a major handicap for me. I have a translator that I can use to translate documents and texts. It would be really valuable to get more information about from Russian/Ukranian sources. Some of my questions would be:

    • How did Russian media cover the accident.
    • What Russian official departments were involved in the investigation.
    • Was there a separate Russian investigation, and is there a report?
    • Is the history of Vnukovo Airlines written or told somewhere?
    • What was the general/public view on the Norwegian handling of the accident
    • Did the Russian officials agree with the Norwegian AIBN report?