RA-86125 and the Zhukovsky Air Transport School


    A few months ago I stumbled upon a few pictures of this aircraft with some markings I can't recall ever seeing before. However, all of these images show the left hand side of the plane, and all but one are taken at Zhukovsky, with the exception supposedly taken at Domodedovo.

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    The captions for most of the photos suggest that it was owned or "operated" by the Air Transport School at Zhukovsky. Is it their logo we can see? Was it applied to both sides of the aircraft? Did it ever fly with these markings? If so, where? (I don't know if the last picture really is taken at Domodedovo or if it's just mislabeled.)


    Последнее фото сделано в Жуковском.
    Логотип "ШВТ" - Школа Воздушного Транспорта, Air Transport School.

    OckeSWE, yes to all questions.


    For some reason, the forum converted four out of five links I tried to post into pictures, but you're telling me that was also taken at Zhukovsky, despite being labelled Domodedovo?

    But, ok, it is the Air Transport School's logo, it was worn on both sides, and the aircraft did occasionally leave Zhukovsky.