Retired Delta Pilot donates 25 million dollars to the Atlanta children's hospital


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    May we all be able to do that, both financially and charitably!!!!!!!!

    """"Former Delta pilot Joseph H. Moss is featured in an article in Friday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, spotlighting his donation of more than $25 million to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

    Last week, he used some of his earnings to make the largest single donation ever to the children’s hospital from an individual – eight times more than the second largest contribution.

    “I believe in what they’re doing,” Joseph said in the article, which also appeared in the Austin American-Statesman.

    It was not Joseph’s first gift to the hospital. In 2004, the Atlanta resident donated $50,000 to pay for anti-rejection medication that Edgar Gutierrez, then 12, needed for a kidney transplant. He still keeps in touch with Edgar, who is back in his native Mexico and doing well.

    After speaking with Edgar about two weeks ago, Joseph said he realized “the impact we could make by supporting the transplant program at Children’s, and ultimately helping more children.”

    Joseph’s donation will pay for more transplant program staff and equipment and for research to help children who need kidney, heart and liver transplants. “I guess that is an exceptional act,” he said in the article. “But I don’t see it like that. I’m able to do it, and I wanted to do it.” """""

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    It is really something amazing in this World. There is still regular Human Been's around us, like this one, who see walue of life in different way than more people. Really nice.