Sheremetyevo 3rd Runway


    I was driving on saturday on the M10 that goes from Moscow to St. Petersburg. I stopped a short while on the localizator to both RWYs 25R/25L, and so same planes landing, though the runways are quite far away from the road and there is no great view from there. But drove about 3km north and saw enormous earth movement and lots of construction work. They are building the third runway of SVO, which will be now 25L/07R (previous 07R/25L will be now 07C/25C).
    There are quite good Google Maps Satellite Images of the building, but i don't know how to post it.
    My question is: Who decided to build a runway so extremely far away from the airport? It will be almost as far as the 18R/36L runway of AMS who most passengers hate. And SVO has plenty of space for new runways, but they should follow the MAD design. There is a great space for building 2 new 3500m runways North/South direction with their taxiways and all, at the east end of the airport. This new runway will be a mess, having to build long tunnels and bridges for highways, and even the rail, and it will cross a hole town...