Sheremetyevo & Pulkovo transit question



    I have a question about the transit in the Pulkovo (LED) airport. Next week i'll be flying AMS-LED-DME with Rossiya. How does it work exactly with the transit at LED? Will I be transported by FV staff to Terminal-1 from Terminal-2 (where i'll be arriving)?

    And question 2: On my way back from China in August, i'll be flying Aeroflot PEK-SVO-AMS. As it seems at the moment i'll be arriving at SVO-F, and depart from terminal SVO-E as the SVO-AMS is a code-share operated by KLM. Is there a transit-zone between F and E at SVO? Do I need to pass passport control at SVO again, and is my luggage labelled-through completely to AMS? Or will I be accompanied by SU-staff?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!!


    Not sure about Pulkovo.
    For Sheremetyevo I did not check it personnally as Terminal E just opened, but I ma pretty sure the transit zone combine both E and F.
    Anyway after you left the aircraft there is a sign TRANSIT to the transit desk.
    Check out airport site here for details.


    Дилетант широкого профиля
    Robinho87, are both of your flights on the same PNR? How much time have you got between the flights? If it is under 3 hours, once deplaned, go to the Transfer Desk (it is on the first floor), they will escort you to your next flight. If transfer time is 3 hours or more, you need to go through immigration, collect your luggage and then get to the Transfer Desk in the Arrivals area. They are supposed to direct you to the free shuttle bus which runs between the terminals. Once in Pulkovo-1 check-in for your next flight.
    Alternatively get a cab (will cost you around RUR 300) or walk to the bus station on Pulkovskoye Shosse and take bus 39 towards Pulkovo Terminal 1 (RUR 19).


    luitje, I assume you are talking about the first flight: AMS-LED-DME, yes they are on one PNR. Connection time is 2 hours and 25 minutes.

    Are you sure that Robinho87 has got Russian visa?
    Yes I have a Russian visa for this flight (as i'll move with the train towards east Russia.

    I however do not have a visa for the way back (PEK-SVO-AMS) as that's not needed, correct? PEK-SVO arrives at SVO-F and SVO-AMS (on KLM) departs at SVO-E. As I understand it there's a transit corridor between F and E working now? Also this flight is on one PNR.


    Just for future reference, or in case another person sees this thread: The airside transit zone between E and F is open.