Скоро "Егоркины школы" для "слонов" позакрывают


    Устанавливаются на 787

    Electric braking, a major technological advance
    Messier-Bugatti has developed a number of “more electric” systems over the years, to meet demand by aircraft-makers and airlines for enhanced braking safety, efficiency and comfort, along with lower costs. Following our full brake by wire braking system, and electro-hydraulic equipment, we are now introducing the electric brake system, developed in conjunction with aircraft manufacturers. Electric brakes will mark a major step forward for airlines, blazing a trail toward the “all electric” aircraft.

    In an electric braking system, electronic control units and electrical wiring replace hydraulic lines and equipment, and electromechanical actuators replace hydraulic pistons. When the pilot steps on the brake pedal, a computer sends information to a control box, which converts these electrical signals into an electromechanical command: the actuators on the brake ring, replacing the hydraulic pistons, press the carbon disks against each other as in a conventional hydraulic system.

    The introduction of electric brakes on aircraft will be as much of a breakthrough for airlines as was the advent of carbon brakes some 20 years ago!



    Слон В1.1 с электричеством может возиться во всю, да и с проводами тоже ;) В категорию В1 входят все чаптеры, за исключением АТА 22, 23, 31,34. Так что электрическими тормозами незапугаешь 8-)