? spotting conditions Zhukovsky + region Moscow


    Hi all of you,

    my name is Felix, 28years old, and I will visit russia on Tuesday for the first time in my life :)

    So, sorry to talk with you in english.

    My favourite hobby is to take pictures of everything that is able to fly! So, I hope I will be able to do that especially on 100 years celebration in Zhukovsky.

    As the best place for taking pictures is in the south of the display because of the sunshine, and further the chance for a foreigner to participate the show on the base is low (if I am right ), I want to try my luck south of the field.
    But I am not sure what authorities / police do with me if I take photos.

    On the one hand, there are military planes - I assume it is forbidden to take pics of them, right? Although there are many pics on the internet...

    But on the other hand, there will be so much photographers on the field which take pictures what will be okay for sure.

    Perhaps I want to go to the field on Thursday or Friday too for arriving planes or perhaps they do practise for the weekend, do you think I will get in trouble?
    Or do yout think I am one of many aviation enthusiasts on this event taking pictures from outside?

    This is my main question, it would be very kind of you if you can give me some hinds ;)

    Further, I am interested to go to moscows airports (VKO, SVO), are there spotting communities, or something like that, are there people on the fence like in central europe? 8-)
    I always enjoy to meet other spotters and take pics together!

    Thank you for all comments,

    greetings Felix


    100th Anniversary is by invitation only - apparently. Well, I live in Zhukovsky and that's what they say here. Then again I can be wrong. I have no wish to get to the field anyway - there are great spots for plane spotting around.
    If they do some showcase flying on 12 Aug, then it will be perfectly visible from 55.56558N / 38.18343E - I suspect there'll be plenty of people watching, taking photos etc. The closest railway station is '42 km', you'll be able to get to the place in 25-30 minutes walking.

    Sorry, I'm not a spotter myself, especially not military aircraft. Hence I don't think I'll be there myself.
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