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    i will visit Moscow for a spotting trip this year for a few days (12.06.-17.06.2007). Can you give me some tips and tricks for SVO, DME and VKO?
    Where are the best spotting positions? Do i need a ladder? Are there problems with the police in moscow if i take pictures from aircrafts? When are the best spotting times?
    Where i can find the most traffic?

    Thank you for your help!:D :D :D

    Greetings from Germany

    Enrico Tietze


    Hello, Enrico!
    Tips and tricks for spotting in SVO, DME, VKO? ( - write there. Will try to answer all your questions...

    About ladder... well i don't know exactly 'bout ladder. I dont know if anyone of russian spotters does really use it. Problems with police? Don't know cos i can only speak of myself and my russian colleagues. So it's better for you to find anyone who can accompany you and solve the problem (knowing how to solve it)...

    Did read your post It's great to know that you were able to find someone who can speak russian. It's quite hard for foreigners in Russia to be alone without knowing the native language...

    I dont know any problems for taking pictures while in a plane. But if u do mean smth like the plane over the SVO, DME or VKO than you're quite wrong... It is not possible. At all.

    Spotting time? Well it depends on what do you want to see and take picture of and the place ofcourse.

    Most traffic is in SVO and DME.
    Any other questions? E-mail me.
    I wish i could accompany you for SVO for ex. (it's my favourite - can show you some quite not that "wellknown" places). But i can't - have to work. Only holidays saturday and sunday left for spotting.
    And one last thing. Please keep in mind moscow's weather. It can be raining in june...
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    Many thanks for your ansver to mr. ricci38, - he sent me same letter too, but I'm too busy now to ansver him...

    Антон Титов

    BTW if you have time you could get to St. Petersburg (Leningrad) as well, it is quite nerby - about 650 km only (1 hour of flight). I will be able to help you with spotting there. Just contsct me at inflight @
    Of course, St. Petersburg is quite interesting not only for many Pulkovo/STC Rossiya's airliners, but for quite interesting historical place to visit as well))