Superiority of Russian Technology in Titanium Alloy


    Recently, most of aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, Airbus, RR, PW, GE....etc. uses Russian titanium made by VSMPO. Titanium technology is a field which Russia has superiority in. In western world use mainly Ti-6Al-4V for aerospace purpose. This alloy is VT-6 in GOST. I read that VT-22 was more popular in Soviet Union. VT-22 has higher strength and it was base to develop Ti-5553 by VSMPO which is adopted as newest alloy for Boeing 787. Seeing those fact, it seems that Soviet has better titanium alloy and aerospace engineer can chose better option than in US aerospace industry (in other word, USSR has better titanium technology than USA). My understanding is correct?

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    Correct, but it is another part of information mast be voiced. The titanium technology is very energy intensive technology. The production of this metal far from powerfull power-supplyers is very-very expencive. This USSR's better titanium technology stay in Russia because of energy cost.