Too Fat for an Airplane Bathroom


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    Too Fat for an Airplane Bathroom; the Overweight Passenger Debate Continues
    The debate over whether or not overweight passengers are safety risks onboard flights is only just beginning, and it is a topic that carries much heft (slight pun intended) among airlines.

    Onboard a recent flight, we witnessed a grossly obese man (very similar to the one pictured above) being ushered through economy, through business class and through first class to reach the first class lavatory. The reason? He could not fit into the smaller bathrooms in the lower classes, and a flight attendant was needed to give him permission and lead him to the first class ones, into which he only barely fit.

    It was obviously an embarrassing scene for both the passenger and the flight attendant, and we wondered: what would have happened if he still couldn't maneuver inside of the first class toilet? Frankly, it was a demonstration of why overweight passengers are barred from sitting in emergency rows—that over-wing exit isn't the largest trapdoor. Perhaps a good test of checking whether a larger passenger is okay to sit in the emergency row is to see if they can comfortably enter the economy bathroom stall. Or is this too harsh? What do you think?
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    Hypothetically, during emergency landing or, let us say, severe turbulence, that piece of fat will most definitely be ripped off his seat and sent to a rampage killing flight along the whole pax deck. I`d rather be somewhere far from this rocket man.


    How i remember there was and still is recomendations from US NTSB after Air Midwest flight 5481 accident not to use standart pax weights for commuter aircrafts.
    On board of this specific aircraft almost 90% of passengers has been overweight, excep only one young girl and pilots, so all mass and balance calculation was made in accordance with specifications and CG location was in limit (only on paper) pilots take an average weight for each pax about 75 kg, but in reality it was more than 100 kg !!!

    Speaking about big airplanes, where for example some part of passenger is obesse it will be not so obviously danger for Mass and Balance calculations and CG limits, but regarding emergency procedures in case of emergency landing obviously there can be problems. I even can't emegine how so big passanger like the gay on photo can be evacuated throug emergency exits, he must do it last, because there is huge probability to strag in.

    But there is also anothe side of the coin - we can't do anything with human rights, and i'm completely sure careers can easily solve this problem with little blood.