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    Russian-Filipino Airline to Fly Zambo-Malaysia Route
    ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug 16 Asia Pulse - Mosphil Aero, Incorporated, a Russian-Filipino-owned airline firm, is opening a new air route this month linking this city, Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.
    Mayor Celso Lobregat said top officials of the airline company indicated to him their plan to fly the Zamboanga-Sandakan-Kota Kinabalu route during their meeting last week.

    He said Mosphil Aero has initially scheduled its maiden flight on August 25 using a medium-size Russian-made Antonov aircraft.

    Such aircraft has a seating capacity of 48 passengers and can carry at least five tons of cargoes. It will fly at least three times a week.

    Lobregat said the airline firm is also targetting Jolo, Tawi-Tawi and Davao as their key areas in Mindanao.

    Lobregat expressed optimism the opening of a new air route could help boost the local tourism industry. ADVERTISEMENT

    At present, a commercial ferry sails weekly from this city to Sandakan and vice-versa.

    Mosphil will operate low-cost passenger and cargo flights covering various domestic and international destinations from its base of operation in Clark Air Base, Pampanga.



    The Sandakan-Kota-Kinabalu route will fly at least three times a week and will use the latest Russia-made Antonov 24, a medium size aircraft with 48 seats that has also a capacity to load at least five tons of cargoes.