US PPL moving to Moscow with aircraft, feasible?


    Hello everyone,

    I'm sorry if this has been addressed before, I couldn't find anything after a search. I'm planning on moving to Moscow this summer and would love to take my TB10 with me. I'm a US PPL holder and own an N registered TB10. Working on my instrument rating at the moment, and should have it knocked out by the time I move. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? Could anyone point me to further reading about flying privately in Russia? Avgas prices, hanger fees, landing fees, GA airports, etc?

    Any help would be much appreciated :)




    Hi Dave,
    I'm afraid that flying on N-reg aircraft will be impossible in Russia. Even I'm absolutely sure according our law. There are some airfields around Moscow where you can rent aircraft and fly VFR/IFR but I havn't heard about TB10 in Russia (maybe it is). I'm not sure that this place is suitable for all my arguments, so you can see my email and ask all your questions (I'm russian CFI and flying with some foreigners in Moscow). Best wishes, Paul


    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response. I can't seem to find your email in the profile, maybe that requires more posts from me.

    Please send me an email at dave AT ....lots of questions :)


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    One thing to keep in mind: none of Socata's aircraft have Russian Type Certificate (though TBM 850 is in the process of obtaining one but don't know where that stands; but TB 10 definitely isn't certified by MAK).
    Not having Type Certificate will make it even more difficult than it already is.

    Good luck with your move and happy flying
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    Hi Dave, sent you e-mail yesterday and don't have your reply. Maybe I understood your email wrong. You can write me
    The opinion of fulcrum29ub is absolutely correct and this point is very difficult to solve without Socata and it costs a fortune.
    Best wishes,