Халява Ryanair


    Налетай, торопись покупай ... :D

    Ryanair, Europe’s biggest low-cost airline, is hotting up the price war in the skies, despite spiralling fuel prices. As part of its largest advertising campaign to date in Europe, the Irish carrier will be giving away four million free tickets from Tuesday. However, passengers will still have to pay airport taxes and charges, Caroline Baldwin, the airline’s sales manager in Germany, stressed. “The price gap between us and the other airlines is getting bigger,” she said, adding that many of Ryanair’s competitors had recently increased the price of their tickets by imposing fuel charges.

    Last month Ryanair carried 3.26 million passengers, which represents a year-on-year increase of 27 per cent, the company announced in London on Monday.


    Летучий галландец
    Только что прочитал, что прибыль с полета у Ryanair удваивается если каждый пассажир покупает в полете бутерброд и стакан сока.