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    Hello Russia,

    I am Patrick from germany. I hobe this is the correctly sektion fot this thead!? If non correct, please moderator push to the correct range.

    I have a Blog about my Homecockpit 737-800NG. My idear, to make a page with many pictures-,links and/ or videos from other Home-cockpit builders.

    My Blog:

    which I need am a short description of your 737NG Homecockpit, 3-4 goog pictures from it and a link ( when you have a Homepage )
    then send this in an e-mail to me:

    You have no Homepage, but pictures - send me a short description with picture and/ or Video link, too

    you can do also send a email direkt to my Blog, there it is then worked on and placed online under "Other Homecockpit Builders" (on the middle left side of the Blog)


    Please send the description one time in english and ons in Russian. If you send diirekt to Blog - please insert your email-adress seperat ( if you want)

    I hope for much reaction of you 8-)

    My 737NG Cockpit:




    -Projekt Mangenta First Officer and Captain Side
    -Side-, MiddleSidewall CPT and F/O with Sterring Tiller and Map-chart light + Oxygen-light
    -Lining W3 with Position light
    - Yokes and Rudder-Pedalle are from a real Boeing 737-800 - ordert in Indunesia
    - Stick-Shaker contold by Phridget-Relai card
    - 7 PC on work
    - 6 Flatscreens
    - BU368x game controller
    - Panels + Main-Instrumenten Panels are from Simparts - germany
    - MCP + EFIS are CP-Flight

    Many greads to russia from

    Patrick / bavarian
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    Good morning,
    thanks for the links! But so far I got only 3 Home cockpits :(
    Perhaps again, a call: Pictures and a short description of your Home-Cockpit send to me! - all the same whether: Boeing 737 or airbus or only PC with mouse and keyboard SEND ME :joystick:

    I will publish it then here:
    Send to: 737NG-Info