Закружилась голова


    Летучий галландец
    Наткнулся на забавную статью о патенте на способ аварийной посадки:

    Давно не был в луна-парке. Удивительно, что на это можно получить патент :):):):)


    А что такого?

    Мужик патентует вот что:

    1. Any means of eliminating one of the airplane wings in a rearward direction by using an explosive or retro-rockets.

    2. Any method of reducing airplane forward speed, and transferring linear momentum into angular momentum. Transfer of forward velocity to create spin around the center of gravity.

    3. Any method that will result in the fixed wing airplane being able to auto-rotate by transferring it's linear momentum to angular momentum and use the fuselage and remaining wing to produce lift, the same as a helicopter in auto-rotation. This system is designed to work even when forward velocity is lower than stall speed.

    4. Any means to reduce the horizontal velocity of the airplane. Rotate the fuselage and use the side of the fuselage and the vertical stabilizer as an air brake.

    5. Any means to slow the descent of the airplane by utilizing retro-rockets or jets under the fuselage. The downward thrust of the retro-jets will soften the landing.

    6. The emergency landing system for a fixed wing airplane as in claim 1-5, where the said system is capable of being operated remotely from ground or interceptor airplane.

    Вполне нормальные Claims.