Новое обновление Soviet Transport

Обновление № 517.
У меня, к сожалению, только в таком виде.

An-2R1G57-02 ?LZ-1048 09nov70in a maintenance record
An-2R1G79-22 ?LZ-1085 08feb71in a maintenance record
An-2R1G92-03LZ-1095 15dec70in a maintenance record with a t/t of 1,999 hours
An-2R1G92-04LZ-1056Bulgarian Aeroklub 10nov70in a maintenance record
An-2TP1G100-38RA-32387all yellow, n/tROV02feb11photo suggests operator as South-avia; canx 28mar22
An-2V1G131-17RA-50575Yeniseiski MeridianIAA25oct11derelict on wheels; canx 15mar22
An-2R1G155-08YR-AOZSC Zibet Eximl/n02may22at Craiova-Balta Verde with all markings scrubbed off; was canx early 2022
An-2R1G171-28CCCP-92971AFL/Privolzhskrgd15nov76l/n REN 22apr97, derelict; canx 20dec21
An-2R1G172-01RA-40729Avialesookhranaphoto28apr22in full c/s in the Novosibirsk region
An-2R1G189-36RA-84569Orenburg AirlinesREN13nov20derelict; canx 24dec21
An-2R1G196-56RA-68161V.V. Melikhovdam22may19on a crop-spraying flight; new CofR issued 19nov19; canx 01dec21
An-2TR1G207-22RA-71251not knownrgd18feb22c/n in register as AN2TR.21.007; canx 11feb22
An-2R1G208-56RA-81602CheremshankaIAAjun12derelict; canx 15mar22
An-2R1G212-24RA-32719Avialesookhranaphoto28apr22in full c/s in the Novosibirsk region
An-2TR1G212-39RA-32734not knownrgd23dec21c/n in register as An-2TR.21.006; canx 22dec21
An-2R1G215-50RA-40913no titlesphoto08may22at Srednyaya Akhtuba with a large photo of Putin on it and the letter 'Z' and carries 'Za Nashikh" (for ours) under its wings
An-2R1G226-35RA-33376Agro-Aviargd2011 ?converted to TR-301 c/n TR301.21.003; canx 06dec21
An-21G238-38RA-02261no titlesVOG02feb08active; l/n ULY 23apr11, no titles; canx 28mar22
An-2---LZ-AN110 dec65in a request for overflight permissions 11/17dec65 routing Sudan-Cairo-Luxor-Damascus
An-2---LZ-AN118 dec65same as LZ-AN110
An-2---LZ-AN120 dec65same as LZ-AN110
An-2---LZ-AN122 dec65same as LZ-AN110
An-2---LZ-AN207 dec65same as LZ-AN110
An-2---LZ-1003 01oct70in a maintenance record with a t/t of 1,500 hours
An-2---LZ-1004 12feb71in a maintenance record
An-2---LZ-1035 12dec70in a maintenance record
An-2---LZ-1042 16nov70in a maintenance record
An-2---LZ-1051 26oct70in a maintenance record with a t/t of 1,681 hours
An-2---LZ-1058 22oct70in a maintenance record
An-2---LZ-1059 01dec70in a maintenance record with a t/t of 1,700 hours
An-2---LZ-1060 01oct70in a maintenance record with a t/t of 1,683 hours
An-2---LZ-1065 06nov70in a maintenance record
An-2---LZ-1076 21dec70in a maintenance record
An-26---SP-402 (1)South Sudanese AFdam08feb22at Agok when hit a pothole on landing, causing the left hand wing to snap off outboard of the left engine, all 5 crew members and 7 passengers escaped unhurt
An-26---SP-402 (2)South Sudanese AFJUB14apr22active in all-white c/s, with grey undersides, no titles or blister window; the location of the aerial behind the cockpit on the upper fuselage is not the same as SP-402(1), which also has white undersides with the serial in a slightly different position
An-32A22 02T-250Angolan Air ForceLAD21nov19preserved at the Luanda base museum since mar20
Il-14P14 803 066RA-0543GA.A. Poddubnyl/n04jul20Gorelovo running its engine; canx 04jun21
Il-76TD10334 18592EZ-F424Turkmeinstan AlGYDmay22being prepared for Silk Way to become 4K-AZ102
Il-76TD-9010334 010153C-MAFEGR Cargof/n09may22active; l/n TUN 22may22; ex EW-550TH
Ka-25PL9 91 25 09 ?IN572Indian Navyphoto12may22seen preserved Kochi
Ansat-GMSU33 146RA-20080Nat. Ambulance Air Serv.photo21may22'Natsionalnaya Sluzhba Sanitarnoi Aviatsii' titles at Moscow Crocus Expo
L-410UVP81 07 26ES-PLWEstonian Border Guards 22aug18arrived Braunschweig; canx between 13aug18 and 31aug18, see next line
D-COSREstonian BG c/sres13aug18re-rgd Braunschweig last week of aug18, not flown since and still present 16may22
Mi-252 4104 045RA-23578Argotrf24feb96CofA expired 27apr98; canx 28mar22
Mi-252 6726 070RA-20691Elbrus-Avia may11offered for sale in non-airworthy condition, was at Nalchik at the time; canx 28mar22
Mi-254 7412 11103DOSAAFphoto07jun21preserved at Tanai (N54.753783 E85.1140483), seen jun21/apr22
Mi-252 9210 045RA-23321Simargl 01nov14offered for sale with t/t 4,257 hours, was at Nalchik at the time; canx 28mar22
Mi-2SKh52 9401 085RA-23436Simargl 01nov14offered for sale with t/t 4,306 hours, was at Nalchik at the time; canx 28mar22
Mi-251 9411 095'01-045897'US Army Aviationphoto29apr22in fantasy c/s with 'United States Army' titles; stored (without rotors) in these fake colours at Budaörs; ex 9411
Mi-253 9422 095CCCP-23449AFL/North Kavkazphoto1986canx 28mar22
Mi-252 9746 056RA-20351Argorgd05sep94trf 24feb95; CofA expired 25feb98; canx 28mar22
Mi-25410112 017RA-15641AeroflotEIEapr12derelict hulk (still with 'Aeroflot' titles); canx 15mar22
Mi-25410141 037RA-1433Gprivately ownedrgd28mar11l/n Novosibirsk-Mochishche 24nov21; c/n finally known ex RF-00501
Mi-25210727 098RA-14108AeroflotEIEapr12derelict hulk (still with 'Aeroflot' titles); canx 15mar22
Mi-4---SH-32Algerian Air Force photoin light grey (?) c/s
Mi-8T65 76RA-22246Argotrf23aug94CofA expired 17jul99; canx 28mar22
Mi-8T77 65RA-22550ArgoTJM22jun06in an incident report at Kogalym 22mar02; canx 28mar22
Mi-89 77 53 03UN-25700(2)KazAviaSpas 15jan18offered for sale; c/n now known; sat wfu at Boroldai, seen 08jul19
Mi-8T9 87 30209RA-24212Most Aviaw/o01may22near Moklakan with 12 fire-fighters on board when came down hard rolled over and caught fire and burnt out
Mi-8MTV-19 4856UR-HLHUkrainian HelicoptersPMI22may22all white, no titles
Mi-8MTV-19 6101UR-UHBUkrainian HelicoptersPMI22may22all white, no titles
Mi-8MTV-19 7530RA-22284(2)Alrosargd29apr22
Mi-8MTV-19 7531RA-22287(2)Gazpromaviargd20apr22f/n Sovyetsky 05may22; l/n Sovietsky 10may22
Mi-8MTV-19 7544RA-22165(3)Gaspromaviargd20apr22f/n Sovietsky 10may22
Mi-8MTV-19 7545RA-22166(3)Gazpromaviargd20apr22f/n Sovietsky 10may22
Mi-17---ZM2975Indian Air Forcephoto15may22at the Ditokchera railway station in Assam
Mi-8AMT8AMT00643177686URA-22836(2)Tuva Aviaphoto02may22at Krasnoyarsk-North all white with just titles
Mi-8T---RF-34214Russian Navyphotooct13coded coded "72" yellow; opb 7062 AvB at Nikolayevka
Mi-8MT---RF-95395Russian Air ForceKXK02nov12coded "42" blue; opb AvGr 6983 AvB at Khabarovsk-Tsentralny
Mi-171E---99751Chinese Armyphoto2022temporary serial; opb 76th Brigade at Wujiaqu
Mi-8---LH906788Chinese Armyphotoapr22also carried code '88'; opb 2nd Brigade of the Army Aviation Corps Academy
Mi-171---LH951705Chinese Armyphoto31mar22opb 81st Brigade at Tongxian
Mi-171E---LH972709Chinese Armyphotoapr22has got a modified nose which looks like the Z9WE nose
Mi-171---LH981716Chinese Armyphotoapr22ex LH967xx; opb 74th Brigade
Mi-171E---LH981766Chinese Armyphotoapr22opb 74th Brigade (trf from 121st Brigade in 2019)
Mi-171E---LH981778Chinese Armyphotoapr22opb 74th Brigade (trf from 121st Brigade in 2019)
Mi-24VP---RF-34200Russian Navyphoto28apr21coded "39" red; opb 72 AvB at Chernyakhovsk
Mi-24P---RF-90639Russian Navyphoto19jun21coded "26" red; opb 72 AvB at Chernyakhovsk
Mi-24P---RF-91220Russian Air ForceMOW07may22coded "04" red; in the fly-past over Moscow
Mi-24P---TZ-15HMali Air Forced/d30mar22seriously damaged 24apr22 by an attack of Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin (JNIM) jihadists on the base at Camp de Bapho
Mi-26T234001212725SL-69Algerian Air Forcephotojan20c/n checked Biskra 22mar22
Mi-28N34012843422 ?RF-13628Russian Air Forcew/o12may22date ? when shot down with a shoulder-fired SAM and crashed in a field near Elitne; coded "65" red
Mi-28N34012843500RF-13654Russian Air Forcew/o09may22(or perhaps some days earlier) when was shot down and crashed in a field near Bobrivka; coded "70" red
Mi-28NE012 299 053SC-27Algerian Air Forcemfd2017in sand/yellow camo c/s with light blue underside; f/n Chlef 19may22
RRJ-95B95 044RA-89024RossiyaULY27apr22named 'Kalyazin' after a town in the Tver region; ferried from ULY to SVO 27apr22; started revenue flights 21may22
RRJ-95B95 122RA-89154Red Wingsrgd11apr22f/n ULY 08may22
Tu-134A-360130RA-65086Volga Aviaexpress 08may22seen preserved Srednyaya Akhtuba
Tu-142MK-E8 60 9. ..IN317Indian Navyf/noct20preserved in Naval Museum in New Town District (N22.5765939 E88.4779580); l/n may22
Yak-409 21 02 21RA-87551SKOLKjc17sep19seen stored since jul03; canx 15mar22
Yak-409 24 15 25RA-87667Tura Avn EnterpriseKjc17sep19seen stored since jul03; canx 15mar22
Yak-409 32 03 28RA-87288SkolKjc17sep19seen stored since jun06; canx 15mar22
Yak-409 34 13 31RA-87364KrasAirKjc17sep19seen stored since jul03; canx 15mar22
Yak-409 63 06 50RA-88220KrajAirKjc17sep19seen stored since jul03; canx 15mar22
Yak-409 64 13 50RA-88226SkolKjc17sep19seen stored since jul03; canx 15mar22
Yak-42D452042 20 07 018RA-42458KosmosZIAmay22in orange/blue c/s with titles; l/n ARH 12may22
AC313A---B-0FJXAVICf/f17may22from Jingdezhen; the prototype of this version with an MTOW of 13.8 tonnes; in white c/s with red nose and medium blue/dark blue trim, an AVIC logo and titles
ARJ21-700179B-099RCOMACf/f29dec21from PVG; l/n PVG 30dec21; for OTT Airlines
Y7H---11356Chinese Air Forcephotomar16opb 4th Division/12th Regiment
Y7H---11452Chinese Air Forcephotomar16opb 4th Division/12th Regiment
KJ500---30071Chinese Air Forcephotosep21opb 26th Division/76th Regiment
Y20A---20148Chinese Air ForceGHN10apr22opb 13th Division/37th Regiment at Kaifeng; in dark grey c/s with lo-viz markings
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