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    Привет, товарищи! С Новым Годом, и спасибо большое for letting me join this wonderful forum. Just a short introduction, my name is Oskar, and as you can probably see from my username I am from Sweden.

    I'm an aviation enthusiast with a particular interest in the former USSR, both civilian and military. Although I've never been fortunate enough to fly on any Russian, Ukrainian, or Soviet airliners, I am a big fan of their designs. Ironically enough, the aircraft that sparked my interest in Russian aviation was an Aeroflot 737-400, but we'll get back to that later.

    I've been collecting models since roughly 2010, and my collection is primarily focused on, well, Russia and the former Soviet Union. I also recently became the owner of a model airport which I've dubbed Prokhorovka Airport. Completely fictional and still a bit of a work in progress.

    Anyway, this thread was meant to share my collection, so why not get started? First up, Aeroflot, obviously.

    IMG_20210116_164826 - kopia.jpg

    IMG_20210116_160401 - kopia.jpg


    IMG_20210116_160625 - kopia.jpg

    IMG_20210116_160741 - kopia.jpg

    This 737-400 is, currently, the only Aeroflot Boeing narrowbody in my collection, and it holds a very special place in my heart as the very first planespotting memory I have is of one of these at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport when I was about 5-6 years old. Went there with my late father and little sister to just look at the planes, something we had never done before as far as I can recall. The old observation deck had, unfortunately, closed, so we walked around the terminals instead to see what we could see. And I remember seeing this white and blue aircraft, with very colourful engines and tailfin, and these strange symbols above the windows. (Side note, that was when I first learned Russia had a different alphabet to Sweden.) I was awestruck. My aviation interest kinda faded after that, but it never went away completely, nor did that very fond memory.
    Fast forward about 10 years or so. At that time my aviation interest had come back. I had joined a model aircraft forum, done some research, in the meantime getting very fascinated with Russian aviation, and I found exactly the type of aircraft I had seen. Then I happened to get a temporary job at a hobby shop, who also sold Herpa models. Found some Wings catalogues and started flipping through them, finding a couple of Aeroflot models inside. No 737's, but I ordered them anyway, and kept looking. Took me another 2 years, but finally, in 2012, I got my hands on one. Today it is, without a doubt, my most precious model.


    IMG_20210116_161020 - kopia.jpg

    IMG_20210116_161244 - kopia.jpg

    IMG_20210116_161449 - kopia.jpg

    IMG_20210116_161626 - kopia.jpg

    McDonnell Douglas
    IMG_20210116_161831 - kopia.jpg

    IMG_20210116_161956 - kopia.jpg


    Continuing on with my Russian models, there is plenty more to share. Some airlines are represented by a single model, some by two, some more. But that's one thing I like about Russian aviation, the wide variety over the years. The mix of aircraft and liveries. New, old, domestically built, foreign built. So, without further ado, here's part two.

    Alrosa - kopia.jpg

    Alrosa is an airline whose livery I have loved for some time. It's so elegant. And the new livery isn't bad either. Hoping for more models from them in the near future!

    Atlant-Soyuz - kopia.jpg

    Ah, yes. Atlant-Soyuz. Another airline that I've long found fascinating. They had a nice variety of aircraft, and quite a nice livery too. Well, more than one nice livery, actually. While the Il-96 at the rear is a Herpa standard release, the Il-86 is a custom model made with custom ordered decals, and I do have plans for a few more. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills or equipment to make the decals myself, so I need to find someone willing to do them. And luckily I have! For at least a few more projects.
    (Forgot to mention, in case anyone missed it, that there is a custom Aeroflot Tu-154 in my previous post.)

    Domodedovo Airlines
    Domodedovo Airlines - kopia.jpg

    An airline that seems to have popped up here and there. I've seen their logo on aircraft of other AiRUnion members as well, but never quite understood why.

    KMV - kopia.jpg

    KMV, another airline with a very good looking livery, in my opinion. They also had a few interesting hybrids which, hopefully, will land in my collection at some point.

    Kras Air
    Kras Air - kopia.jpg

    Ah, Kras Air... Good looking livery, interesting fleet. Wish there were more models. Especially of their Tupolevs. I need something smaller for my airport. The Il-86 is a little bit too big to fit.

    Moskovia Airlines
    Moskovia Airlines - kopia.jpg

    Another airline I wish there were more models of. An gorgeous livery, cool mix of aircraft. Fingers crossed.

    Polet Airlines
    Polet Flight - kopia.jpg

    Another interesting airline. The only(?) airline to actually have operate the Il-96-400T, and isn't it the only airline in Russia to have operated the SAAB 340 and 2000?

    Red Wings
    Red Wings - kopia.jpg

    Oh, Red Wings... Their Tu-204, now gone, was the first Tupolev I ever photographed. RA-64050 at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. A beautiful aircraft in a very pretty livery. Not really a huge fan of their new livery, nor of their switch to an Airbus fleet. But at least they've got the SSJ, again.
    (I don't mind flying on an A320, but it's not as unique as the Tu-204, but I know you can't operate an aircraft simply because of that.)

    Rusline - kopia.jpg

    RusLine is an airline whose aircraft I've actually seen live, despite never going to Russia. Some of their CRJ's were parked at Arlanda for quite some time. Their Airbuses were not long lived, however, and yet that is the aircraft Herpa picked. Strange choice.

    Samara Airlines
    Samara - kopia.jpg

    And we finish of part number 2 with another simple, yet elegant, livery. Samara Airlines. I think I first encountered this airline through Chris Sawyer's Locomotion for which I downloaded quite a few mods, including a Samara Tu-134. I think that was the first time I encountered it anyway, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, part three will come in a few days time, maybe even tomorrow. There's plenty more to share, from all over the world. I'm merely going in an alphabetical order, starting out with Russia, then the former USSR, other eastern bloc countries, and then... Not sure, but that's still quite a bit into the future. Either way, I hope you've enjoyed.


    Part three, here we go, continuing on from where we left of.

    Another airline that I wish there were more models of, cause I am a fan of the livery, both this and their later red one. And I find their fleet interesting. I doubt we will see any, though, seeing as Aurora revoked the Vladivostok Avia license, and I suspect they took this one as well. But, there's always the custom option.
    SAT - kopia.jpg


    Yet another airline whose fleet I found very interesting, especially in its early days. Unfortunately, some of their very early aircraft are missing in 1:500 scale, but I'm working on that. Might take some time though. But, when it's finished, I'll share it here.
    Transaero - kopia.jpg

    Ural Airlines
    Just another case of me finding the livery good looking, and another airline I wish there were more models of, in both this livery and its successor.
    Ural Airlines - kopia.jpg

    This small collection started out with the Tu-134, which I think I only purchased because it was a Tupolev. A few years later, though, Herpa announced both a 767 and a Tu-154, so naturally I bought those as well. Or, well, that's the simplified version. I did look into UTair and found them to be quite interesting as well. Big surprise there, right? No? Eh, guess not. I am hoping for more UTair models in the future, perhaps even UTair Express or UTair Ukraine.
    UTAir - kopia.jpg

    Vladivostok Avia
    A cool livery and an interesting fleet. And as I am also a fan of the Trans Siberian Railway which, of course, terminates in Vladivostok I felt compelled to get this model. Herpa actually announced a VA Tu-204-300 model a few years ago, which got me (and many others) very excited. But then, as mentioned earlier, Aurora revoked the license, meaning Herpa had to cancel the model. Unfortunately, that cancellation also meant the cancellation of the Tu-204-300 mould as a whole due to the limited number of liveries they could produce. Oh well... Can't have everything. This model, however, was produced by Sky500. A company not exactly known for licensing.
    Vladivostok Avia - kopia.jpg

    Vnukovo Airlines
    This was quite an unexpected release when it was announced. Not that I'm complaining. As a matter of fact, I've already pre-ordered the Tu-154 that's coming. Now we just need the livery that came after this one.
    Vnukovo Airlines - kopia.jpg

    Yakutia Airlines
    Again, hoping for more models from this airline. Not much more to say that hasn't already been said. They have an interesting fleet, and a simple yet elegant livery.
    Yakutia Airlines - kopia.jpg

    Next post, perhaps tomorrow, will be dedicated an airline that I have left out more or less on purpose. I realized, while writing this post, that I couldn't attach pictures for everything. Therefore S7 Sibir will have a post all of its own. Yes, I know I said I was doing this alphabetically. But things do change. Anyway, that's all from me for now. See you all next time!

    прокуратор понтий пилат

    OckeSWE, welcome and thanks a lot for so interesting review! I think you need get Tu-144!
    You must come to Russia, here you'll be able to purchase a blue Tu-204 of Pochta Rossii (Russia's Post). And fulfill your dream of Transsiberian railway :) By the way, I did in 2000, it was just wow!
    P. S. I was in Sweden two times. Stockholm is very beautiful city! One of the best that I've been to. I fell in love with it! In my Swedish collection now there are five airports (Arlanda, Bromma, Västerås, Sundsvall and Jönköping), two airlines (Braatens and Leap) and three planes (ATP-72, Fokker-50, SAAB340). In natural, not models, of course :)


    Thank you for the warm welcome!
    I have thought about getting a Tu-144 or two, cause it is a really awesome aircraft. There are a few reasons why I haven't done so yet, but they are all starting to become irrelevant. The Pochta Rossii Tu-204 is very high up on my wishlist. Unfortunately it's not available in 1:500 yet, but who knows what the next announcement may hold?

    Visiting Russia has been on my to-do list for years. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Archangelsk, Murmansk, Lake Baikal. I wanna visit the Air Force Museum in Monino. I wanna go to MAKS. I wanted to go look at some "boneyards" a few years ago, seeing as there used to be a whole bunch of old Ilyushins and Tupolevs stored here and there, but I'm pretty sure most of them are gone now... But there's still so much I want to do and see. Some day. Some day.

    P. S. I was in Sweden two times. Stockholm is very beautiful city! One of the best that I've been to. I fell in love with it! In my Swedish collection now there are five airports (Arlanda, Bromma, Västerås, Sundsvall and Jönköping), two airlines (Braatens and Leap) and three planes (ATP-72, Fokker-50, SAAB340). In natural, not models, of course :)

    Cool! It's funny, I've only checked off four airports within Sweden. Stockholm-Arlanda, Stockholm-Bromma, Stockholm-Skavsta, and Gothenburg-Landvetter. Or, well, those are the ones I've flown to or from. I've also done some planespotting at Luleå Kallax, Gothenburg-Säve, Västerås, and Uppsala.

    I have flown with Braathens, or BRA as they're known now, on an RJ85, but I haven't yet flown with Leap or any other domestic carrier. Unfortunately I missed out on NextJet and their ATP's. :confused:

    прокуратор понтий пилат

    Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Archangelsk, Murmansk, Lake Baikal. I wanna visit the Air Force Museum in Monino. I wanna go to MAKS.
    (y) I see, you have truly huge planes! I hope they will come true soon! I am from Vladivostok, but now living in Moscow. Beside Monino I would advice you Ulyanovsk, where there is a remarkable aviation museum as well with Tu-144, Tu-114, Tu-116 and many other distinguished Soviet planes: Головной отраслевой музей истории гражданской авиации — Википедия
    By the way, in Russia you still catch some alive classic Soviet planes as Yak-40, Yak-42, An-2, An-24/26 and even flying by them i.e. from Moscow, Petersburg, Vologda, Kostroma, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk and some another cities.
    Последнее редактирование:


    (y) I see, you have truly huge planes!

    I do indeed, I do indeed. And thank you very much for your advice! Ulyanovsk has been added to the list. :)
    The question is just how to do it. Split it into smaller chunks, or try and take in as much as possible in the span of three weeks. Seeing as I won't be able to travel abroad for some time, it gives me a good opportunity to plan for the future at least.

    I did actually consider flying with Motor-Sich when I was in Ukraine back in 2018, from Lviv to Kiev. It would have given me the chance to fly a more interesting machine than a 737 or E-jet. But... Motor-Sich operated to Zhuliany. My UIA flight to Stockholm departed from Boryspil. I think the time between the Motor-Sich flight arriving and the UIA flight departing was about an hour, hour and a half. And, of course, it was during rush hour. I chickened out and chose the safe option of flying UIA all the way.
    Последнее редактирование:


    S7 Airlines, or Sibir if you so prefer.
    An airline with a unique look to say the least. A vibrant green now, and a beautiful blue and white in the past. Though, I will admit, their new livery... I didn't like it when it was first announced, but it has grown on me. Though I will miss the former green design.

    Sibir Airbus - kopia.jpg

    Though I'm not a huge fan of their new livery, I do love the retro-ish hybrid livery worn by VQ-BPN. That looks absolutely spectacular. But, when it comes to regular liveries, I am a much bigger fan of the previous one shown on the two A310's. Or watermelons as I like to call them, just for fun. I mean, come on. Short, wide, green, арбуз. It's a perfect fit!

    Sibir Boeing - kopia.jpg

    767-300 by Herpa, and 737-800 by Inflight500. Before the 737 actually arrived, I had no idea the colour of it was so very different. Then again, the 767 seems darker than the other Herpa models too. :unsure:

    Sibir Embraer - kopia.jpg

    The smallest member of my S7 collection, one of their most recent additions: the Embraer 170. A cute little thing, this one. Can't help but wonder, though, how long it will take for Herpa to re-release it, haha.

    Sibir Ilyushin - kopia.jpg

    Ah, the mighty Soviet airbus. I do love the Il-86, there's just something about it that I just can't put my finger on. A beautiful livery also doesn't hurt, RA-86105 displaying my personal favorite of the Sibir liveries. Simple, elegant, classy.
    86097, while the fuselage is a bit dull, does have a beautiful tail.
    86091, at the very rear, is a semi-successful custom model. Displaying a hybrid S7/Sibir/Aeroflot livery, this was originally supposed to become the Atlant-Soyuz model I showed earlier. Unfortunately, while removing the Aeroflot titles, my hand slipped and I accidentally removed part of the cheatline as well. So I decided to remove it entirely and turn it into something else instead. Went through quite a few different options before settling on this design. This was a very early attempt of mine, so the results aren't the best. The belly is a bit messed up, too, as I was told to submerge the model in hot water to make disassembly easier. The only thing that did was dissolve the paint. :(

    Sibir Tupolev - kopia.jpg

    So far there is only one Tupolev of theirs in my collection as Herpa, sadly, haven't released any more. Yet. They do have one more in 1:200, so there is hope. I do find it strange, though, that they chose one of the few, if not the only, S7 Tu-154 to have gray wings. :unsure:

    In addition to these, I would like to see some Globus models released. Would add a bit of variety to my little airport. I don't think that's very likely to happen, though, but I'd gladly be proven wrong.

    Anyway, that's all for this post. Next up, another mixed post.

    прокуратор понтий пилат

    I see, you have truly huge planes!
    Huge planes?! I can't believe it! I really said like this? (1:500 scale!) 🤣 Sorry, I meant plans, of course :) Well, I hope, you cought my words correct.
    Split it into smaller chunks, or try and take in as much as possible in the span of three weeks.
    Agree, this isn't an easy choice. I think the 2nd option (one long travel) maybe is still less expensive than some short visits. Beside, only Transsib will take a week (OW) at least.


    Huge planes?! I can't believe it! I really said like this? (1:500 scale!) 🤣 Sorry, I meant plans, of course :) Well, I hope, you cought my words correct.

    Well, spoiler alert, but I do have an An-225. ;)
    But, yes, I fully understood what you meant. No need to worry. :)

    Agree, this isn't an easy choice. I think the 2nd option (one long travel) maybe is still less expensive than some short visits. Beside, only Transsib will take a week (OW) at least.

    Those are some good points. :unsure:
    Either way, it may be a good idea to start saving up for it.


    In this post I'm going to share with you all the non-Russian post-Soviet in my collection. Well, the civilian airliners at least.

    While the Il-86 was a pretty early addition to my collection, it took me qutie a few more years to find the Tu-154. But at least it arrived intact. The 86 was in pieces when I got it. Tried to return it, via the hobby shop I had ordered it, but I think they just glued it together and told me it was a new one. There's a tiny paint chip which is identical, but as quality control seems to have been on break when the first one was shipped, who knows?
    Anyway. Armenian Airlines, operating from 1992 to 2004, and both 1:500 models are showing their second and final livery. A bit more colourful than their first, but not all of their aircraft received it.
    Armenia - kopia.jpg

    Currently only represented by a single model, Herpa's recently released Belavia Tu-154. A fantastic model. I've long been a fan of these jets, and while the livery is very similar to the old Aeroflot livery, I personally still think it looks good. And the printing is flawless. They even remembered the IATA logo under the cockpit windows.
    Belarus - kopia.jpg

    Another country represented, for the time being, a single model. A Herpa Estonian Air 737-500. I love this livery, and I do miss seing it at Arlanda. I don't know what happened to the license after Estonian Air went into liquidation, but my fingers are crossed that we'll see more models from them in the future.
    Estonia - kopia.jpg

    The only part of the former USSR that I have visited so far, and it is represented in my collection by four different airliners, four companies, and four liveries. Colourful to say the least. Three Herpa models, and one Sky500. Three of these airlines are now, sadly, gone. But at least two of these planes are still flying, though under new registrations. The 767, UR-VVV, is currently with UIA as UR-GED, and the A321, UR-DAF, is currently flying as UR-WRJ with... .Windrose! The Tu-134(UR-65757) and A330(UR-WRQ) have, however, both been scrapped...
    Ukraine 1 - kopia.jpg

    Ukraine 2 - kopia.jpg

    Ukraine 3 - kopia.jpg

    Ukraine 4 - kopia.jpg

    You guessed it, another beautiful livery. I'm hoping to add a few more models to the collection, I know Herpa has released an Il-62, an Il-76, and a 787 as well. But I've got something else in the works. ;)
    Uzbekistan - kopia.jpg

    That's all for this post. "But hang on" I hear you say. "You said you had an An-225? Where is that?" Well, I did originally intend to include it in this post, under Ukraine. But then I wouldn't have been able to include Uzbekistan. So I changed my plans a bit and made this post all about airliners. The An-225 will make its appearance in the next post, dedicated to manufacturers and the Air Force. The next post will also be the last post about the former USSR. It won't be as long as the other so far, but I hope you will enjoy anyway.

    прокуратор понтий пилат

    OckeSWE, how many models are in your collection, in total? I think, they occupy a lot of space in your home?


    Time for a slightly shorter post this time, as it only contains four pictures. So, what's in store today? Well...

    One of my most recent additions, the Ilyushin Il-76 prototype. An aircraft which has proven a bit difficult to find pictures of, as the registration was reused for an Il-62. Fortunately, more pictures have shown up since I first started searching for them a few years ago.
    Z3 - kopia.jpg

    Come to think of it, maybe I should have included CCCP-96005 here instead of the Aeroflot post? It did wear the Aeroflot livery from the start, but was still in the hands of the Ilyushin Design Bureau when it went to the Paris Air Show, which is the condition Herpa chose to recreate. :unsure:
    Oh well, what's done is done.

    This is one odd combination, I must say. According to Russianplanes.net, the aircraft still belonged to the Soviet Air Force when it received this livery in 1990. So we have a Soviet military jet, operating under the Antonov Airlines banner, for a British cargo carrier. :unsure:
    According to Wikipedia, on the other hand, the aircraft was owned and operated by the Antonov Design Bureau, which would make a bit more sense. Either way, this is a combination that I find pretty interesting, and yet I think it looks so weird. The hammer and sickle and the Union Jack on the same plane.
    Z2 - kopia.jpg

    The famous Мрія, or Cossack, finally makes its appearance. This machine has fascinated me for ages. The size of it, the power, its purpose. I was fortunate enough to see this aircraft live at Arlanda back in 2012, and it just blew my mind. So when I found this model, in the exact same livery I saw it, I bought it without hesitation. And I am considering getting the others as well.
    Ukraine 5 - kopia.jpg

    Air Force
    Seeing as I only have three air force models from the former USSR in 1:500, I put them all in the same picture. Two Soviet and one Russian. Well, ok, I do have a few more, but... They're 3D printed and not yet ready for their portraits.
    Z1 - kopia.jpg

    So, that's the former USSR wrapped up. Not quite sure what's next. I'm thinking Europe, maybe Eastern Europe to keep the theme going. But that gives me a minor dilemma when it comes to Germany. Post the East, West, and post-reunification as separate countries? Give Germany its own post? I'll give it some thought and see what I decide. But that's all for this post.

    прокуратор понтий пилат

    OckeSWE, we'll wait your new stories! (y)
    But, I seem, you didn't post yet here some classic Soviet planes, as Tu-104, Tu-114, Tu-124, An-10, Yak-40 and Yak-42. Do you have them in collection?