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    Right, the Americas. Going from north to south, starting with...

    Canada and the beautiful Trans Canada Airlines liveried Air Canada retrojet. Currently my only Canadian model, but as has frequently been mentioned, more are on my wishlist.
    Americas 1 - kopia.jpg

    What's the next country south, then? Hm... Oh, right! The United States. This is, as was possibly expected, the most represented country in my American collection. And going down the list alphabetically, let's start of with ABX Air, previously known as Airborne Express:
    Americas 2 - kopia.jpg

    Next up, an aircraft supposedly operated by Academy Airlines, though I think it was actually privately owned at the time. Anyway...
    Americas 3 - kopia.jpg

    airTran is up next, currently represented only in their last livery before being acquired by Southwest Airlines.
    Americas 4 - kopia.jpg

    Next is America West. Callsign Cactus. Sound familiar? Well, between 2008 and 2015 it was used by US Airways. But why? Because their merger was a reverse merger. The smaller America West took over US Airways, but retained the US Airways name. That merger, however, also meant the end of many of their colourful liveries, some of which have been reproduced in 1:500.
    Americas 5 - kopia.jpg

    Continental Airlines, an airlines that acutally used to serve Stockholm, mostly with 757-200's, but also the occasional 767. Although the name may be gone, the livery lives on, and fortunately, so does the retrojet.
    Americas 6 - kopia.jpg

    Delta and their beautiful widget livery, beautifully reproduced by Herpa on the lovely L-1011. The MD-11, sporting a special livery for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, was produced by StarJets, I think, under the DreamJets label. StarJets did also produce a few MD-11 samples in the other Delta liveries they wore (widget, interim, and wavy gravy/Deltaflot) though none of them were ever released onto the market, unfortunately.
    Americas 7 - kopia.jpg

    I wasn't quite sure if I should post this as Eastern or Lockheed. The aircraft, N301EA, was at the time owned by Eastern but was used by Lockheed to promote the aircraft, hence the extra titles and logos under the first set of windows.
    I do love the Eastern livery, to be honest. Simple, yet classy. I do wish to add more of their aircraft to my collection.
    Americas 8 - kopia.jpg


    Quite a jump to the next one on the list: Northwest and their classic red tails. I'm quite a fan of pretty much all their liveries, though the Bowling Shoe (2nd pic) is my personal favorite.
    Americas 9 - kopia.jpg

    Americas 10 - kopia.jpg

    Americas 11 - kopia.jpg

    Now for a true classic, a real icon of the industry: PanAm. No 707's or 747's in my collection, yet, but I'm hoping to get a hold of some of both.
    Americas 12 - kopia.jpg

    Americas 13 - kopia.jpg

    I do, however, have this. A fantasy A320, Clipper Mercury. Yes, PanAm did actually place an order for 16 of the type, though later cancelled in an attempt to save itself from bankruptcy. That didn't exactly work out as planned, and they ceased operations in 1991. These aircraft were, instead, delivered to Braniff. Well, 6 of them were, before they also went bankrupt later the same year.
    As for the model, it is a custom model, showing how it may have looked, had PanAm been able to survive, at least a little longer than they did.
    Americas 14 - kopia.jpg

    Smile! The gorgeous L-1011 makes another apperance, this time carrying the wonderful livery of Pacific Southwest Airlines, also known simply as PSA. Albeit a somewhat failed concept, operating the TriStar on regional routes within California, they did have a special place in many passengers hearts. Not least because of the lower deck lounge. That lounge did, however, make them a bit difficult to sell once PSA stopped using them. The two examples they took delivery of, out of five aircraft ordered, were later leased to AeroPeru before being sold on to Worldways Canada. After that, one of them (N10114, the one Herpa reproduced) was scrapped, but the other kept flying as P4-MED, The Flying Hospital. The three they didn't take up were instead sold to LTU of Germany, two of them later coming back to the US flying for American Trans Air.
    I do love this livery, the Grinningbirds, and I do hope Herpa release more models from PSA. DC-9's, MD-80's, 737's, 727's, BAe 146's. They've got a few to choose from.
    Americas 15 - kopia.jpg


    For all the love PanAm gets, and I am a fan of them too, I do have a liiiiiittle bit more love for Trans World Airlines. Again, no 707's or 747's at the moment, but I hope to change that soon.
    Americas 16 - kopia.jpg

    This one-of-a-kind MD-80 was actually purchased for the airline by the employees, hence the extra titles. It's actually preserved nowadays, in Kansas City.
    Americas 17 - kopia.jpg

    Americas 18 - kopia.jpg

    Only one L-1011 ever wore the airlines final livery, N31029.
    Americas 19 - kopia.jpg

    United Airlines is up next, currently only represented by their gorgeous Friend Ship liveried A320.
    Americas 20 - kopia.jpg

    UPS, a courier we all probably know, and have some form of experience with, good or bad.
    Americas 21 - kopia.jpg

    What's this? PSA again? Well, not really. Having been integrated into US Air in 1988, US Airways decided to repaint on of their A319's into the Grinningbird livery shortly after the US/AW merger.
    Funnily enough, some ex PSA mechanics actually painted their trademark smile on regular livery US Air/US Airways aicraft for a number of years: Smiles On US Airways
    Americas 22 - kopia.jpg

    Now, leaving the United States, we instead head to Cuba and Cubana. While the Il-96 was a very early addition to my collection, the Tu-154 is relatively recent. There are a few more Cubana models available in 1:500 that I hope to add some day.
    Americas 23 - kopia.jpg

    The last picture to show for now comes to us from Venezuela. SBA Airlines, formerly known as Santa Barbara Airlines, ceased operations in 2018. This model is one of only three available, and the only one in 1:500. Also the only one in this very striking livery, which is the primary reason I bought it.
    Americas 24 - kopia.jpg

    Well... That's it for now. At least in 1:500. I do have "a few" more models in other scales as well. Fighter jets in 1:200. A couple 737's in 1:400. And a bunch of aircraft in 1:600. Haven't quite decided yet if I'm going to post them too or not, it kinda depends on what my fellow forum members think. But this is all for now, at least until the next package arrives.


    New arrivals time! Five models. One commercial airliner and four governmental aircraft.

    First up, DDR-SCW of Interflug.
    IMG_20210430_173102 - kopia.jpg

    Next up, DDR-SFA of the East German Air Force. Though painted in Interflug livery, this was actually a VIP aircraft.
    IMG_20210430_173125 - kopia.jpg

    RA-64504 of the Russian Air Force's Special Flight Detachment.
    IMG_20210430_173216 - kopia.jpg

    RA-86467, also of the Special Flight Detachment.
    IMG_20210430_173346 - kopia.jpg

    And last, but certainly not least, RA-96018. Also from the Special Flight Detachment, Herpa sells this model as the presidential aircraft.
    IMG_20210430_173450 - kopia.jpg
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    Well, well, well... Some new arrivals landed last week, but I haven't had time to share them yet, so I thought I'd do that now when I actually do have the time.

    First up are two more governmental aircraft including... UR-86528 of the Ukrainian government.
    Ukraine 6 - kopia.jpg

    Next up, from Russia, is RA-82072.
    Rossiya - kopia.jpg

    Last, but certainly not least, is a whole new airline to my collection, and they're making a grand entrance. Volga-Dnepr with RA-82079 and RA-82081.
    Volga-Dnepr 1 - kopia.jpg


    It's been a few months since my last addition to this thread, but a few days ago I did pick up three new models, and another three are on their way. But for now, here are my latest trio:

    Ilyushin Il-976 RA-76453 of the Gromov Flight Research Institute
    Z4 - kopia.jpg

    Boeing 747SP-21 N530PA "Clipper Mayflower" of Pan American World Airways
    Americas 27 - kopia.jpg

    Lockheed L-1011-100 N31033 of Trans World Airlines
    Americas 28 - kopia.jpg


    Well, I did say there were another three on the way, and in fact they arrived yesterday. There was actually a fourth model in the order, but that hasn't arrived to the store yet, so... Don't know when that'll arrive. Anyway, what was in the package that I collected yesterday? Well...

    RA-85843 of the Russian Air Force's Special Flight Detachment as it appeared between at least 2005 and 2020.
    Rossiya 2 - kopia.jpg

    RA-85673 of Vnukovo Airlines.
    Vnukovo Airlines 2 - kopia.jpg

    And last but not least LZ-BTX of Balkan Bulgarian Airlines.
    Bulgaria 3 - kopia.jpg

    If you couldn't already tell, I am quite a fan of the Tu-154. I think it's an absolutely gorgeous aircraft.


    Two more models arrived yesterday, including one new airline. The models in question were...

    Azimuth, Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95LR RA-89085 "Volga"
    Azimuth - kopia.jpg

    S7 Airlines Boeing 737-8MAX VQ-BGW, which also means I now have one of each S7/Sibir model produced in 1:500, plus that one custom. And I will admit, their new livery is growing on me. I certainly hope Herpa will produce more, both in the new livery and the older ones.
    Sibir Boeing 2 - kopia.jpg


    It's been quite some time since I last added an Aeroflot aircraft to my collection, unless one includes the Gromov Il-976 shown back in October. But, wait a second... Russianplanes and Planelogger both list this as an Air Force aircraft. :unsure:
    Either way, here is RA-82012, an An-124 built in either 1986 (according to this document) or 1991 (according to Planelogger).
    Aeroflot An-124 - kopia.jpg

    This does however give me a perfect opportunity to ask, why did so many non-Aeroflot aircraft wear Aeroflot titles?
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    New day, new arrivals. And quite a few at that. I was originally going to sort the pictures in the order of oldest aircraft goes first, but considering all but two are Ilyushins, well... I'll give those their own post. So, here we go.

    CSA Il-18 OK-PAF
    Czechoslovakia 4 - kopia.jpg

    CSA Il-62M OK-YBB
    Czechoslovakia 5 - kopia.jpg

    East Germany
    Deutsche Lufthansa Il-18 DM-STA and...
    Germany 6 - kopia.jpg

    Interflug Il-18 DDR-STA
    Germany 7 - kopia.jpg

    Malév Il-18 HA-MOA
    Hungary 6 - kopia.jpg

    Pulkovo Airlines Il-86 RA-86106
    Pulkovo - kopia.jpg

    Ural Airlines Il-86 RA-86078
    Ural Airlines 2 - kopia.jpg

    Russian Air Force Il-76MD RF-76828
    Z5 - kopia.jpg

    Uzbekistan Airlines Il-62M UK-86573
    Uzbekistan 2 - kopia.jpg