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прошлогодний топик по часам/циклам:
In-service 737 fleet leaders:
737 hours leader: 81,097 FH. Magnicharters 737-200 MSN 22652 XA-MAD
737 cycles leader: 76,906 FC. Air North 737-200 MSN 23122 C-GANV

All-time 737 fleet leaders:
737 hours leader: 102,227 FH. WestJet 737-200 MSN 20807 C-GUWJ
737 cycles leader: 97,326 FC. WestJet 737-200 MSN 21117 C-GWJU

In-service A320 fleet leaders (both are still in service):
A320 hours leader: 87,011 FH. Air Canada A320 MSN 68 C-FDQV
A320 cycles leader: 53,997 FC. Lufthansa A320 MSN 72 D-AIPD
и ссылка оттуда на документ эрбаса, с указанием Extended service goal :

результат ESG1/2:
"What approvals are needed for A320 Family aircraft reaching ESG1 thresholds? “Basically the same process as was done for ESG1 will be followed,” says Roeger. “To operate beyond 60,000 FC/120,000 FH, the maintenance programme needs to be revisited. Additional tasks can be expected, but there will also be additional modifications. Operators will be informed about activities once they are launched.”"

"Additional airframe structural testing has provided the basis for a potential ESG2 ‘ultimate limit’ approval. Four 180,000 FC/360,000 FH fatigue tests (covering forward fuselage, pylon, centre fuselage and wings, plus rear fuselage) have demonstrated “the need for several new inspections and the updating of some existing ones, as well as around 10 structural modifications to allow operations above 48,000 FC/96,000 FH”, according to Airbus. “For the time being, no ESG2 is expected, and if it were developed the target would be lower – closer to 75,000 FC/150,000 FH – not for technical reasons, but for economical ones. The amount and cost of structural modifications required does not make sense with the revenues obtained for life extension,” concludes Roeger.

Would aircraft need to be retired when approaching ESG2 values because they are at their airworthiness-certification limit of validity? “Not the DSG, nor ISG, nor ESG1, nor ESG2 represent any limitation to the capability of the aircraft structure,” assures Roeger. “The aircraft is able to operate until reaching these values, provided the relevant maintenance actions (inspection and structural modifications) are performed and modifications are embodied.” He says Airbus is always communicating with operators to understand their expectations and needs."
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Boeing strongly recommends that airplanes above their LOV be immediately and permanently removed from service. However, Boeing will continue existing support policies for these airplanes up to the date when operators are required to comply with the operational rule.
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