Пожар B777 BA в Лас-Вегасе

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Subject: Information - 777-200ER G-VIIO Fire and Aborted Takeoff at Las Vegas, Nevada - 08 September, 2015

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PRODUCT: 777-200
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SUBJECT: 777-200ER G-VIIO Fire and Aborted Takeoff at Las Vegas, Nevada - 08 September, 2015

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The subject airplane experienced an aborted takeoff during an international flight from Las Vegas to Gatwick, United Kingdom. Initial reports indicate that the crew aborted the takeoff with indications of an fire from the #1 engine (GE-90) during the initial take off roll. The airplane safely stopped on the runway and a full evacuation was carried out. Reports also indicate that there were 159 passengers and 14 crew members; a small number of minor injuries were reported during the evacuation. Weather was reported to have been clear under daylight visual conditions at the time of the event (approximately 1600 local / 0000 UTC).

This event is being investigated by the US National Transportation Safety Board. The Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing, and General Electric have been dispatched to the scene to assist.

The airplane, serial number 29320, Variable WB411, was delivered in January, 1999.

In this investigation, Boeing is providing technical assistance as a party to the NTSB investigation. NTSB prescribes that all investigation related information be released only with the approval of the Investigator - In - Charge. Boeing understands operator's need for information following events such as the subject. As such, we will strive to keep operators informed within the requirements of the NTSB.

Boeing has no recommended operator action at this time. If the investigation shows any specific actions are recommended or required, operators will be notified via updates to this message.

Hillary Barr
Chief Engineer - Air Safety Investigation The Boeing Company
Меня слово "проект" насторожило. Или это специальная тележка только для движков "проекта GE90"?
On Oct 6th 2015 the NTSB reported that first examination of the engine revealed that the stage 8-10 spool in the high pressure compressor (HPC) had failed liberating fragments that breached the engine case and cowling. Additional pieces of the HPC were found inside the engine and sent for metallurgic examination. The fracture began in the stage 8 disk web.